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June 07, 2005


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Good luck, can't say I've ever walked home barefoot let alone in Paris. An you're totally right, I'm not sure if I've ever seen nice feet but then again I don't have a foot fetish. By the way my name is Ryan...nice blog. Why are you in Paris, anyway?


Perhaps it's time for a manicure ? ;)


I'm such a wanger. I meant pedicure. You know I did. haha.


Ryan - I'm in France because of a boy and I promised myself 10 years ago this year that I'd be living in Paris and I am. :)


Katia- yes, I think it's time for a pedicure!!


I have had to go barefoot in San Francisco due to shoe malfunctions. I feel your pain.


The prettier the shoes I wear are, the more I think they accentuate the ugliness of my feet. You are brave for posting you big toe on your blog.

And did you know that the newer rage in plastic surgeery is getting a 'foot job'?


hmm... where are u getting these shoes and are u walking everywhere with them? i mean on concrete? this is going to sound crazy, but when i wore nice shoes to work (i've since started wearing flats because i'm running around on the floor all the time on concrete), i used to wear a different pair to work (maybe a pair of flat walking shoes) and then change when i got to work! cuz all the wear and tear on my heels got all crazy and they would start to fall apart sooner. i found out i'm not so crazy, because there are a couple other ladies at work who do the same thing. why torture nice shoes with concrete and stone when they could last longer on indoor surfaces.

you are so lucky u can wear sandals. i can't have any exposed toes at work!!


Reese- exposed toes at your office would be too sexy for all those engineers you work with! ;) I need to get back in the habit of wearing a pair to work and changing when I get here but then that adds to the million things I carry with me in the mornings. We'll see...


Funny that you mention the thumb-like appearance of your big toe. I recently learned that people who have had their thumbs ripped off in industrial accidents often get their big toe attached to their hand as a replacement. Ah, the fun and useless facts my mind stores...


DDJ- my god! why you know this, I DON'T KNOW. But you knwo what? I'll be retaining this for later use, not because I find this fact absolutely useful it's just plain scary!

Ah! I just imagined my big toe where my thumb is. I have to stop typing now. ;)


speaking of ugly feet, my ugly feet are a point of pride with me. i took ballet as a child and my toes are permanently bent en pointe. this is bad barefoot and in birkenstocks, but my feet look fierce in heels. they're really ugly though, so it's all just a mirage.

Harrods Girl

You poor girl! Broken shoes or shoes that hurt one's feet always brings a girl down. The cure is to simple buy yet another pair of shoes!

Asian Lep

Pretty toe.


Ew! Big toe thumbs freak me out!


Sammy- God, girl! Don't rub it in! Hahaaaa! ;)

CnCz- I can appreciate dancer's feet, at least you have a reason for having ugly feet. Mine are just like that. ;)


Look cute to me, Flare!


Does anyone have pretty feet? YES!

I like the pic and want to post on my blog.


We must talk sometime. I thought I had a pretty feet obession but to read that people are getting foot jobs, not the sexual kind, but the plastic surgery kind is a comletely new wrinkle in this very fascinating subject. I certainly think my feet are very pretty. I take very good care of them and I think that guys, even those without fetishes, can't help but take another look when I stride by in flips.


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