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June 06, 2005


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i like those... but the bangly thing at the office? my officemates would possibly kill me, or at least take them away from me. but hey, i sit with two guy's guys. i'm their trophy officemate.


Yes, I did the bangly thing at the office. They were given to me at the office. They are quiet bangles, heavy, intricate. I'm in love...


those are lovely, lovely, lovely. I'm jealous!

jess/ ncn

oooh, they're cute! i have pink ones that i like, but never wear...
and, btw, i think that turquoise is the BEST color for summer. i'm very into navy with turquoise- sort of 1930's-ish.


I adore them. I love that colour. Perfect for this year.


Hi Flare !

What was it that the 13th century Persian poet Zakariya Al Quazwini wrote ? Something to the effect that " ... will never be poor, the hand wearing a Turquoise and using it as a seal” ?



Amerloque, I don't know but I am google searching him now and have found some really intresting things about this person. Oh how I love your comments. :)


I always say that something is in if I decide it is. Therefore, your bangles are quite chic. Besides, turquoise seems to be a lovely color for summer. I've been noting quite a lot of women wearing it lately.

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