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L'Astuce Beauté*: Zit, Zap, Gone!


Everyone gets them, yes yes... even me. :) Over the years, I have tried many tricks to zap my zits, so now I'd like the share some of my best remedies.

Of course, we all know that one should not pop a zit. As difficult it is to avoid, it's only doing more harm then good.  As you may think that you are helping it along, you are more than likely prolonging the agony by pushing deeper the nastiness that is a zit.  So, my first advice is to leave it alone! Or see a professional about it.

If you sense that it's ready to go, here are a few sure fire ways to help it moving right along:

1) Green Tea Soak - green tea has natural antioxidants that do your body good on the inside, so why not the outside, too?  Soak a green tea bag in a large bowl of hot water (as if you are making a yourself a tea). Let water cool to lukewarm temperature. Like for a baby, dip your elbow to test the water's temperature.  Depending on your needs, splash your cleansed face with the green tea a few times and rinse with either your Evian atomizer or warm tap water.  Pat dry. Moisturize as needed.  Green tea has a natural oil absorbing effect.  Your skin will feel dry if you do this too often. So, remember that this is only a to be used a cure or from time to time.  And don't forget to moisturize, I suggest Clinique's Moisture Surge ( a staple Flare product).

Variation of the Green Tea soak: Seep a tea bag and let cool until comfortably warm. Pat around trouble areas on your face (avoid eye area). I do this around most my T-zone as I am combination skin and on problem pimples when they do arise.  I've noticed that my skin dries out if i do this for very long, so don't leave the tea bag on skin for too long. Literally pat the area you'd like to treat. Follow up with moisturizer.

2) Mask - I used to be a big fan of the facial mask but as I have entered my late 20's I have noticed that my skin has changed. It's less oily than it was in my teen years and more dry where I used to be comfortable after washing my face.  BUT I am still getting pimples in these areas, so go figure? So, instead of applying a mask all over my face I do mini masks where needed.  My problem areas? Nose: Black heads. Chin: Black heads + pimples. Scalp line: pimples. My mask du jour is Biotherm's BioPur.  It's clay texture helps to soak up excess oil and bring the nastiness of your zit to the surface for fast healing.

3) Treatment Gel - Any treatment gel that has Salicylic acid in is probably a step in the right direction. The Sal acid (Ahhhh, feel like a counter girl again) helps to dry out those nasty whiteheads and blackheads and speed up the healing process.  Your skin will feel dry so this treatment gel should only be used once or twice a day. And if you're like me, you'll carry a tube of your favorite acne treatment gel in your handbag. You never know when you're going to need it! And I can beat down on those pimples while I'm working and no one knows any better. My Coup de Coeur treatment gel: Kiehl's Blue Herbal Spot Treatment.  It has 1.5% of Sal acid that will wipe those pimples right out. Don't believe me, ask her! Anymore than that and you're in for some serious dryness.  Clinique's Acne Solution Night Treatment Gel has 2% sal acid in it and I have to be careful not too parch my face too much. But I save this for when I am having a serious issue with my skin.

Voila!  My favorite and most sucessful treatments.  Give 'em a try and let me know how it goes.

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