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June 30, 2005


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Nice stuff, A :)

Definitely am LOVING the Kiehls Blue Herbal Spot Treatment. I keep one tube in the bathroom, and one in my handbag, and it usually gets rid of anything that is even hinting about flaring up. I generally treat potential problem areas with the Clinique's Acne Solution Night Treatment Gel every two days or so when I'm coming up to "that time of the month".

Sometimes things do slip past me though, so this week I've been experimenting with Kiehls Blue Herbal Spot Toner, and zapping my potential spot with that for 30 seconds or so, then dabbing some Treatment gel on it after. I don't know if i'm overdoing it or not... but it seemed to work this week for a particularly tough problem spot!


looking awesome gf!!! i just logged on especially to check this evening's post and i am not disappointed!

i would like to chime in with the Sisley Masque aux Resines Tropicales. i scored a generous sample at claire millia and its enough to last a year (provided you don't get too many breakouts). you only need to dab a teeny bit on the blemish after cleansing & toning, let sit overnight so that the mask can dry out the pimple and its gone by morning.



Amy- I have not used the Masque auex Resines Tropicales like that yet! I have a couple tubes of that stuff, I'm going to try it! Thanks for the tip, girl!

jess/ ncn

ok, funny- most of what you suggest is the stuff that i've realized hasn't helped me...
my facialist totally supports popping zits- as long as they're ready for it- they must have a whitehead on them. and i'm only allowed to do it immediately after washing.
as you know, i'm off of all moisturizers...
i did like your green tea idea- i used it a while ago, and it seemed to work...
as for masks, i've not found them to be all that helpful- altho i do try to put fresh's umbrian clay treatment bar all over my face 1-2 times a week. it's basically just clay.
aaaaand, (for me at least) i totally disagree with the use of sal acid for spot treatment. i use that stuff for general exfoliation every nite (all over), since it's a beta hydroxy. but, for spot treatment, i've found that benzoil peroxide works MUCH better for me. i have it in different concentrations, for different zit sizes... it doesn't dry my skin out as much, and when used over nite in combo with the sal acid, it makes a BIG difference in the size of my zits...
i think, tho, that yours and my skin are really really different... and i think that's true of everyone- i think that people's skin is so personal- everyone needs something a little different.
oh- yay! i'm sooo excited to come and see you! sure- i'll totally bring you a pair of flip flops- are you going to have them sent to me? do you have my address? email me, and i'll send it to you....


Hey Jess-

You are right, everyone's skin is different and has different needs. My skin is combination with a tendancy to be dry. And because I have the dryness I am not comfortable using Benzoil peroxide as it drys my skin out too much. Salicylic acid is a gentle exfoliator and my personal experience has been that it's enough for my most problematic pimples. It's intresting to hear what other people use and what works for them. Thanks for expanding on this topic...

As for popping zits, your facialist is probably trained on how to do it correctly. It is done, I just don't suggest it. It's really up to you and your judegement. What kind of perplexed me is that she suggested doing it after you washed your face? Do you re-cleanse the area after you'd popped the zit? You risk infection if you don't.

Anyway, discuss away... as you know, I love talking face. :)


ah hah. there you are.


the kiehl's blue lotion is one of my staples...even my husband uses it!


Ever since having Gab, I've had few problems with my normal acne-prone skin. But, I guess I was too optimistic, and just a couple weeks ago those blemishes started rearing their ugly faces again. Your post came just in time, as I never know what to use. I'm going to try the Blue Herbal spot treatment.


You'll be happy to know that your posts got me thinking more about skin care. I bought a few guy-type things from Lush last week. They seem to work really well!

Fanny (Paris)

ok, i hope i won't repeat what someone even said, but for me, the best solution is : DIACNEAL de AVENE : absolutely great! except that the color (yellow) "tâche" les vêtements. Donc à mettre impérativement le soir avec un tee-shirt qui ne craint rien!
Mais sinon, c'est du tonerre!!


i have a zit/pimple on my forehead its driving me insane and i have a boyfriend! i tryed to pop it but it didnt work so i had to look up how to get ride of it and i saw your site i neeed help! im 12 years old what should i do?

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