In a previous life...
Hotter than...

Beauty tips from Flare... mais en francais!

An Anglo blogging in French? Sure it's been done... just not by me.  Frenchies blogging in English, he does it and so many others...  So, the thought had never crossed my mind to blog in French, I mean speaking correctly in French is one thing; writing in French is something completely different! 

But now she's gone and done it...  (and brought me along for the ride!)

So, I present to you:  From Rooster to Donkey - Les anglophones tentent le francais, tetus comme des mules.

De Coq à l'ane or from rooster to donkey means one minute we're talking about Tori Amos, the next minute we're talking about how to wash your face. 

Come and enjoy the babble (en francais!) of five Anglo chicks living it up in the hexagon*!

*A term used by the French referring to  La France :)