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June 15, 2005


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Well, if I was running things knickers would be totally optional...but that's just me. ;)


Look, last time it was Thongs, this time it's Knickers. Stick with the theme, girlie. Përhaps if you're nice, next time it'll be Panties in Paris ?

(*giggles and watches all the hits to Flares site because of all the underwear references*)




Asian Lep

It's summer. Does ANYONE wear underwear? I don't.


Panties in Paris! I love it, Katia!

Asian Lep rules! ;)


Ack! Why does everyone have to keep reminding me when I CAN'T COME!!


Sammy - we will for sure be having another undie themed meetup until you are able to make it! Rest assured, girl. :)

Auntie M

Looking forward to seeing you again at the meet -- knickers or not.


I don't know why I've never thought of throwing an undies themed barty. Oh yeah. Now I remember. Because many of the people I know would actually show up in their undies and that is just a sight I don't need. Now leather and latex is a whole other story...

jess/ ncn

funny! shawna, kim and i were talking just today about how we all wear "undies", not panties. esp NOT panties for me...


My grandmother always calls 'capri pants' by the word 'knickers'. Maybe you can get away with wearing a pair of those.


By the way, I wear 'drawers'.




I wish I could go.... but my kids' daycare "pique-nique" is on the same day the same hour... I wish we could meet though. another day.


Irene, there will be many more undie themed get togethers in the near future! I look forward to meet you!

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