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June 17, 2005


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looks like I could learn a tip or two from you!


oh thank gawd i'm not the only one. currently trying out the shu umera cleansing oil...we'll see how this one goes. =P


i LOVE the shu umera cleansing oil. LOVE it. It is The. Best. Ever.
But what do you use it for? It seems to lend itself to different manners of use...I use it as a sort of mask.

i love shu ueumera (gosh how do you spell it) ANYTHING. My mom finances my habit, because my husband would SO never be able to justify cosmetics that expensive. I am currently in love with their powder foundation. And I can only find it in Paris...


CNCZ- I use the Shu oil as a makeup remover (though, I only wear concealer, eye shodow & mascara) and face cleanser. Then I have the deep sea spritz that I use as a sort of gentle toner. My regiment is crazy... I think I'll have to blog about it sometime. :)


You HAVE to blog about it. A week of Flares Facial Regiment.


Besides Shu what are your favorites you use on a daily basis? I'm curious to know what works for you. I am obsessed with skincare too and in search of my perfect regimen.


Ohh, I'm right up there with you, but add tons of hair care products to the skincare ones, which I term an "investment" even though I actually don't use any of them. Ah, but I love looking at all the pretty bottles. My bathroom is my friends' playground.

jess/ ncn

how do you feel about that stri-vectin? does it work? it's so expensive, but i've been wondering about it...


I know that I am horrendous about skincare. I was out in the Sacramento Delta today and everyone kept asking if I wanted a hat. I know it will catch up with me eventually but when one is nearing 40 and can still pass for being in one's 20s, there is little incentive. Of course the hat comment came from a woman who is well in her 60s. She's going in for a facelift soon. The doctor thought that she was about 50. Melanin is a wonderful thing.


Hmmmmmmm...maybe I should get you to send me some Strivectin. I'm very intrigued by it.

GP is Gravity Pope, the shoe store that I work at. Check it out at www.gravitypope.com


I'm in, although, do not have a blog. Is it ok? I inadvertently came on your blog via L'Extension du Domaine de l'Absurde blog where you left a comment...I am also obsessed with beauty products, although, I do not project that image. I feel that there is that negative connotations about it. So I used to be ashamed of having this "unhealthy obsession".
Beauty routine: wash face daily with Uriage pain surgras. I just love the smell! Followed by Clarins tonic lotion which I rotate with Clinique Tonic L #3. To remove make-up I use Johnson baby-shampoo, cheap and efficient. Day cream Avene for Sensitive skins during the day; and at night, Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream which I found FAR too GREASY to wear during the day, except in winters. Et voila ;) I live in Croatia where most of the beauty products that you are using are not available :(

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