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June 05, 2005


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Hey that is a nice picture ! ;-)


Check this out - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/in_pictures/4612249.stm


did you go there? i feel so bad because it was such a HUGE event and i couldn't attend!!! i mean, what's the point in living in Paris then??!!!


Irene- it was by pure accident. I have a rendez-vous point on the Champs to meet a girlfriend at Sephora. I had totally forgotten that they were doing this. It was pretty amazing! You know, we live in Paris but it doesn't mean that we attend things like this everyday. We do **live** here. Now I understand how Parisiens can say that they have never visited the Eiffel Tower. :)


^^ ha! you know, i lived 15 minutes away from nyc all my life and i never went to the statue of liberty until we went for a field trip with school. otherwise, i would have never gone. the only reason i went to the empire state building was because my dad worked at macy's herald square and my friend came to visit, so he took us there. and the twin towers? huh, only went there because my mom used to work there. that stuff is mainly for tourists and people who live there don't really go, so of course parisiens don't go to see the eiffel tower. what's the big deal? they see it every freakin' day.

ryc on shampooing: so my hair gets kinda greasy/stringy at the end of the day now because it's summer and my scalp is still producing the same amount of oil as in the winter. so anyway, i asked around on how to help this because my hair gets oily and itchy no matter what i do by the end of the day. one solution was to not wash everyday. of course, i just can't deal with that, so i started using baby shampoo this weekend in order to start training my scalp to produce less oil. the idea is that if i strip all the oil off wiht my standard shampoo, my scalp will produce that oil to make up for it. if i use a very mild shampoo instead, my scalp will stop producing as much oil and my hair will be less greasy in the long run. know what i mean?

anyway, i think that it's working so far, but it might also be because i changed my shampoo. god, i'm one of those people who just wants to use the same shampoo all the time and not have to worry about switching it up!

is this comment long enough?!


nifty. some kind of event? I can't imagine the traffic jam that closing all those lanes would cause...


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