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Les Soldes!
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While browsing the DVD shop located in the movie theater at the MK2 Bibliotheque movie theater I ran across these two little finds. First, the first French film I ever saw: A bout de souffle by Goddard. At the time, I spoke not a word of French. I was marked by this film. It intrigued me and made me wonder about the French and their allure and style. I wanted to be Jean Seberg in this movie. I even went as far as to cut my hair like Jean. Now, I own this film and am about to pop it in and enjoy if for the first time sans sous-titres.

And, I couldn't resist when I saw the complete first season of The OC, on sale, of course. Now, let's see what all this hype is about.

**edit** Just watched the first 4 episodes of The OC w/ J. I am enjoying it. Not in love...yet. J on the other hand, LOVES IT! I had stop after the 4th episode due to fatigue and with a work day emminent I've decided to go to bed while J pouts because he wants to keep watching The OC.  I think he sees a lot of himself in Seth.  I'm actaully intrigued to why he loves The OC so much... He also has learned the opening song by heart and now runs around the apartement singing "Califooooooorniaaaaaaaa!". It's very cute, for now.