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Yes, me too...

Les Soldes!
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While browsing the DVD shop located in the movie theater at the MK2 Bibliotheque movie theater I ran across these two little finds. First, the first French film I ever saw: A bout de souffle by Goddard. At the time, I spoke not a word of French. I was marked by this film. It intrigued me and made me wonder about the French and their allure and style. I wanted to be Jean Seberg in this movie. I even went as far as to cut my hair like Jean. Now, I own this film and am about to pop it in and enjoy if for the first time sans sous-titres.

And, I couldn't resist when I saw the complete first season of The OC, on sale, of course. Now, let's see what all this hype is about.

**edit** Just watched the first 4 episodes of The OC w/ J. I am enjoying it. Not in love...yet. J on the other hand, LOVES IT! I had stop after the 4th episode due to fatigue and with a work day emminent I've decided to go to bed while J pouts because he wants to keep watching The OC.  I think he sees a lot of himself in Seth.  I'm actaully intrigued to why he loves The OC so much... He also has learned the opening song by heart and now runs around the apartement singing "Califooooooorniaaaaaaaa!". It's very cute, for now.

All Forehead

  Flare taken w/ Samsung D500 
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Recently I was asked to do a small benchmark of camera phones and their quality to take photos.  I decided that I would be a perfect subject for these pictures. :) After taking these photos I realized: I NEED BANGS.  The distance from the top of my forehead, my eyes to my lips and then to my chin IS NOT PROPORTIONATE!

How the hell did this happen?!

Bon Jon Jovi lover? Boy, you sure wish you could have been me today.

Stayed late at the office tonight and waited an extra 25 minutes for the train to come.  I sat and watched the platform fill up with people and hoped to god that I had positioned myself in front of a door so that I could scramble for one of the few seats that were left after all the tourists had loaded themselves on the train at the previous stop: Charles De Gaulle Airport.  Staying late actaully brought me some entertainment tonight...

Door open right in front of me.
I step on and sit kitty corner to someone who looks very familiar to me.

Stair for a while (an approved sport/game by the French).
Smile after realizing who that someone is.

SMS messages that follow:

To: Aussielass & Kylie Mac from Flare
Message: Jon Bon Jovi is sitting right next to. (omitted the me) Don't you wish u were here?

To: Flare from Kylie Mac
Message: Are you even kidding

To: Kylie Mac from Flare
Message: Nope. and i don't have my camera phone! he just smiled at me.

To: Flare from Kylie Mac
Message: Were are you? on your way home?

To: Kylie Mac from Flare
Message:  Yep. He's on the train from the airport. he's sitting in the 4 seat kitty corner to me talking to some  British girl who doesn't realize who he is. he is taking the train because he likes public transportation. too bad I'm not a bigger fan. he is pretty good looking in person.

To: Kylie Mac from Flare
Message: He got off at Chatelet. he has nice hands.

To: Flare from Kylie Mac
Message:   wonder what brings him here. i don't think I would have known him.

To:  Kylie Mac from Flare
Message:  I had to look at him real hard to recognize him. he has big white teeth. weird.

One hour later after initial JBJ SMS was sent.

To: Flare from Aussie Lass
Message: WTF?

The train was packed so I was stealing glimpses of him as people lulled back and forth. It wasn't difficult to figure out that he was a star.  He dressed like one, tastefully albeit.  It was the teeth that gave it away. They were so white.  At least he's got good oral hygiene or his dentist went crazy with the peroxide.

So, who wishes they could have traded places with me? Haha.  What's your celebrity story?

How many engineers doesn it take to screw in a light bulb?

  Bulls eye 
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I don't know.

But I can tell you that the more there are the more of a mess the situation will be.

I am not an engineer. Reason being: I suck at math. I've never tried my hand at it but I figure that I'd have to take waaaay too many math classes so back in my freshman year in college this was one major I promptly ignored.

Today, I work in Marketing. I really like Marketing. I like studying trends and sniffing out what's the next big thing in the industry I work in and being a sales girl at heart, not to toot my own horn but I am very good at what I do. It's all about selling your product, right?

Recently, I was forced invited to participate in a team building activity.  It was a chance for the suits in my office to get to know the engineers in our European R&D center.  Upon arrival we were given these really nifty t-shirts to wear (please sense the sarcasm in my voice). I wasn't prepared to have to put on a t-shirt and of course I was wearing a non t-shirt bra (lacy, sexy), so I was obligated to put it on over my cami I was wearing that day.  And what excitement this t-shirt caused amongst my group of 7 engineers for there was a huge bulls-eye right in between my boobs.  We bonded (as much as we could), tried to build an impossible machine within impossible limits (which we succeeded, after failing the first time) and learned how important each of our jobs are to the company we work for.

All I have to say is, thank goodness for project managers who are the go between for our two departments. 

Things I learned about engineers:

- no time management skills
- no real communication skills
- don't know how to share responsibility
- don't know how to take the responsibility
- don't really listen to you
- math is their life
- they always think they are right (thanks, Reese)
- overall, very nice people.

Did I miss my calling to be an engineer? NOPE!
Glad to be where I am?  You bet!

Mini Break

Mini break, anyone? Me! me! me!!

I'm off this weekend to visit friends in Normandy.  I am starting to feel myself become burnt out with my Metro, Boulot, Dodo* routine. A change is in order! So, for the next couple days I prescribe myself a make-up less weekend chock full of laughing, lounging and large doses of sea air.

Bon weekend à tous!

*Metro, work, sleep