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August 16, 2005


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you'd look really cute with that hairdo. but I must admit. I LOVE your actual haircut. I really LOVE it and I think it highlights your beautiful features. so, let's talk about it, ok?


Yes, let's talk about it... I feel like I'm having hair issues...


ok, now that I've seen pictures of you with that increadible short hairdo, I have second thoughts. first, well, maybe it's not a bad idea after all! and two, I HAVE to have it one of these days.

ps: do you go to Korean salons for your hair?


Irene- I used to go to J'vais, 6 bis rue des Moines 75017 when I lived in the 17th but now I go to a cool little salon by my house at Place d'Italie run buy this crazy French lady but her stylists are great. They are closed at the moment for renovations, so I have some time to decide on this...

I miss the "easy-ness" of having short hair.

Are you thinking of going short too, Irene?

Erin Osbourn

Ahhhhhhhh!!! Short hair is cute on you.


Yup, you look really good with both!


I think that cut would look fabulous.


I like your hair as it is in the photo on the home page of your blog. It looks cute short, but I prefer it a bit longer.


You look so young in that pic... ahhh the good ole days.


wait... i think we need a comparison of your current hairstyle and glasses. personally, i like your hair better like in your profile pic. I think the jean seberg cut is a little bit too short.


Most girls I know that have cut their hair as short look like boys, but on you it looks very feminine. There's no danger of you looking like Harry Potter with short hair and those glasses so I say go for it!

p.s. did you ever have long hair?


Yeah I think you look best on your blogs profile photo. A little longer seems to bring out your cheek bones. Whatever you do, take plenty of pics for us :)


Whoa....just decided to do a quick check from NYC and holy smokes! It is hard to say my dear...I love your newest haircut and you are always friggin adorable but that haircut is pretty darn cute...why not? Hair grows...maybe I will do something crazy with my hair while I am here....probably not though...


A lot of guys aren't wild about short hair on women. When I had mine short, women liked it and said I looked younger. Men generally didn't like it as much and my spouse said I looked older. I think you have the face to carry it off, though. Do whatever you want if you trust your stylist. Jean Seberg still rules!

jess/ ncn

ooooooooh, aimee, do it, do it! do it before i come!! i'm so excited about it... it'll look amazing...


warning: summer is boring. it's usually when we're bored that we think of tinkering with our hair. that's a recipe for a good fashion don't.

in other words: I don't think it's a good idea.


So true about the boredom. When I was eighteen, I was bored one day. I ended up pulling out the scissors and bobbing my hair. (It was about an inch or two past my shoulders at the time.) When my roommate got home, she was surprised that I was able to cut it even.

I like the cut. Just think about it. Then again it will always grow back.

ms. mac

Do it! Do it! If I had proper hair I'd do it!


Your hair looks really cute. Some day I'll get the guts to do the same!

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