Jean Seberg
Total relaxation

Jean Seberg is going on vacation!

OK, my hair issues have disappeared for the moment because I'm going on vacation effective noon today!  I will be relaxing at the family house located in Brittany, to be more exact Belle Ile en Mer.  I will be absent from the Internet for an entire week, what will I do? They have satellite Internet access on the island so we'll have to see... I will be spending a week enjoying my favorite crepes, lounging on the beach (two steps from the house, literally!) and every night falling asleep to the sounds of the ocean.  I think that I will never get tired of seeing the ocean, having grown up in a land-lock state (Kansas). One of the reasons I love living in France is because the ocean is so accessible in practically any direction from Paris. 

Oh, and I'm going to try this thing called Thalasso, sea air and sea water is great for your skin!

I'm out! ^^