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August 19, 2005


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Have a great time. I'm jealous since I'm now back already! And tell all about the thalasso :)


Bonnes vacances ! And have a listen of the ocean for me, will you?


You lucky, LUCKY girl! Have a fabbo time and tell us all about it, esp the water therapy and the crêpes!


Your hair looks so cute short! I used to have mine like when first arrived in France that and have wanted to do it again too but am scared of the whole growing out process again, so we'll see. Have a fabulous time in Brittany! Thallaso is great- I did a week of 'New mom' treatment after Gab was born, and it was fabulous. Can't wait for that coffee when you get back! Byz


Have fun flare. And don't cut the hair. I know everyone's been putting in their two cents but mine are to leave it looking like your profile picture. Brings out your cheek bones. Have a great time with Mr Flare and eat lots of crepes!


oh wow, enjoy your vacation and thalasso! I'm so jealous!



Ooh, I am so, so jealous.


Found your new site after a long time away from Xanga.

Sounds like things are going good for you! I'm glad about that.

And anytime anybody mentions the beach I'm jealous - even though I live fairly close to the coast myself! (I love N.C.)

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