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August 09, 2005


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that stuff seems incredibly expensive


My guy will say exactly what Mike just said. I will have make a strong appeal to his vanity on this one.


Thanks for the tips and information. I'll have to slowly build up to product for that price so that my wife doesn't think I'm having an affair. LOL


Great tips, Flare. I will have to seriously mull some possible changes to my current regimen. And we have a new Sephora just a few miles from where I live.


anyone ever tell u that you should be on queer eye? you are a wealth of info!!


The guy, having room in the bathroom? No. That's just not possible!


Mike, Jean- my hubby too was a bothered by the price, so that's why I started him out on one product and let him see from there. Actaully, I let him use some of my products to see if he liked it. I started him out on my that Clinique exfoliator I mentioned above and really liked the feel of that and was intrested in getting some for himself. Honestly, most products for women work on men, like eye creams, skin exfoliators and some moisturizers. Some of the moisturizers aimed for men have added ingredients that work as an after shave/moisturizer. I'll put together a budget conscious astuce for men very soon... ^^


Tracey- Wouldn't that be a dream, I could sit around and talk about skin care & makeup all day long! Wheee!

Le Bazaar

What a helpful post! I'm trying to create a starter-kit of a beauty regimen for my bf too. Luckily, he isn't resistant at all (me: "When's the last time you used moisturizer?"; him: "...??...").

Love all your beauty posts and blog in general. Keep up the good work, Flare! :o)


Wonderful! All duly noted.


Wonderful! All duly noted.


You have indeed created a monster. I will always get more shelf space in the bathroom. That is just the natural order of things. Perhaps this just means you need more storage space in the bathroom.


my husband is a skincare geek but he won't admit it, however his beauty secret is...organic olive oil. As a moisturizer. He looks good, so it works...


My skincare regimen is much more simple than your man's. I'm a firm believer that if you drink enough fluids and eat properly, you really shouldn't do more to your skin than wash it with water and moisturize.

I smoke and drink alcohol too. My skin still looks great.

Moral: Don't use product! They ruin your skin!


You 'll know he has turned into a monster when he ll start looking at football games with cucumber slices on the eyes...


My friends are scattered about the country, so I often have guests staying with me. So many guys have used/stolen my St. Ives Apricot scrub that I now buy it whenever it is on sale so I'm sure to have a tube in the house.


i have to admit... i use clinique for men stuff.


St. Ives Apricot scrub is so great. Last time i was insan fran i brought 5 of them!

Anyway As I sadly don't go there very often i'll try clinique.

Great tips, Flare.


Hello :) Actually, I am not trying to get my guy interested in these things, it's ME who needs it. And I don't know how you're supposed to do these things really (why aren't there instructions on the bottles? :P). When do you exfoliate and what do you do afterwards? I have cleanser, toner, exfoliator and moisturizer. HELP! ;D


Bonjour MamaFlare,

I'm Sébastien, a french guy living in Montlaur-en-Diois in south of France.
I've set up my compagny Biotissime, a internet web site where I sell only organic cosmetics.

on www.biotissime.fr you will find makeup, face care and body care, baby care, a complete men line from Florame in Saint Remy de Provence and also essential oil from Ladrôme provençale.

I would like to have your point of view on my web site! and also maybe you can help me to translate it into english?!!!



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