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August 02, 2005


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Consider yourself tagged for the shoe meme.


haha. Yeah I would love to see Flare do a shoe meme.


I love the French. Besides wine and whining, I think vacationing is the national pasttime.

I wish I got a vacation... sigh...

At least my real-estate investing is going well.


July 3-16 - Spain
August 29-September 12 - USA

Just a starter for your excel doc.



The excel document has been started...


oh man. i would promise to never complain about my job again if they let me have 5 weeks of vacation!

ryc: yes, go and check it out! it is such a girly, cute store. and make sure you bargain a little because they do discount.


I had never thought of the excel doc, but yes, that's exactly what I need.


ok, so have you started your excel doc? they are quite handy, tho they are nerdy. i used to have one with all the people i would meet at my new position. i had descriptions of their job, where they sit, and if they would be helpful or not. probably not something i would want to keep around where someone else could find it!!


oh and i totally forgot to say that at my job we get 3 weeks AND there's plant shutdown between christmas and jan 1st to make up for other holidays during the year that we don't get.



I haven't started the doc yet but I have a feeling I'm going to have to do it. Again, today I asked someone about their vacation and I had already asked them (which they reminded me) and they had just gotten back and apparently I should have known this... sigh. So, I guess I'll have to reach out with my nerdy side and make this document asap! :) Btw, I'm on vacation Aug 19 - 28. :)


Holidays are the reason that I am a teacher! When you work at International schools the holidays are fab! Nearly two months off this summer! woohoo!


I actually went over my five weeks this year with NZ & Corsica, so now am having to work lots of overtime and extra days. Will get no time off at Christmas and Easter, bleaghh....

I love your new blog look Babe!


I am sitting here at work on what is supposed to be my day off. (I have just spent the last two hours looking at spreadsheets and so decided I deserved a break.) Vacation ... I dream of vacation. In fact maybe I'll next do a few searches to plan vacations that I know I will never take. The United States is so uncivilized. I need to move elsewhere.


When you say 5 weeks, it is in the bad companies. I used to work in one where we had 5 (legal) weeks + 13 holidays ( estaren and so on) + 4 weeks of working time reduction (RTT) and you can get two days off when you move and you get two extra weeks when you have a kid - if you are a man , if you are the mother it's a lot more.; well summarize all that : a new father can go ut to 14 weeks. 14. :-)


No. Excel to keep track of everyone's vacations is a good idea. Trust me. I do it. It really helps. Let's just say, I'm the only one in my division who grew up in America. Everyone else is an exciting blend of French, English, German, Nordic, Spanish accents. So guess where 80% of my office is? On vacation!

I am so doing that but in February though when all the kids are in school and vacation spots are free of family vacationers and hoards of teens.

You do have to love the French ways and adapt to their philosophy on vacations though!

Miss Pink

Et toi, tu pars ou en vacances ??? (ok, je sors)


Aimee, THAT was funny!
5 weeks of vacation....drools...
Did you blog about where you are going on vacation and I missed it? What a faux pas! :)

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