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Date Night

Every week the hubby and I go on date night.  One of our favorite places to dine, Pho 14, is less than 5 minutes away from our apartment in the 13th arrondissement and probably the one restaurant we go to the most for date night. The staff know us and when they see us come in they seat us at our favorite table (if available) and serve us up with our regular jus de coco and Pho Tai Chin. 

Pho Tai Chin

Pho Tai Chin is a Vietnamese soup chock full of rice noodles and cooked beef brisket marinated in a rich beef broth, seasoned with soja and chinese basil.  One of many delights you'll find on the Avenue de Choisy that runs south of the Place d'Italie and into the heart of Paris' China town. 

Pho 14_1

This is the first restaurant we ate at together after we moved to the 13th and one that we'll keep coming to for years to come.  How did we know that it was so good? When you walk by you can't help smell the Pho Chin and if that doesn't get your attention the large crowd of people waiting to be seated surely will.  Morning, noon and night there is a line to be seated at Pho 14. Trust me, it's well worth the wait.

Pho 14_129_Avenue de Choisy_Paris 13