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September 16, 2005


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Fabulous tradition! We used to have a Japanese restaurant in the 9th and would go there once every couple weeks. Now, with a child in tow, we have changed that to Chinese night once a week, but it's something we look forward to and that you'll keep looking forward to in years to come.


Pho is one of my absolute favorite meals! I had a couple of places in the 14th and 5th where I went for Pho, so I will have to keep this one in mind too.

Despite all of the good stuff that goes into the bowl, I like the broth the best. Just so full of flavor.


DDJ- you'll love the broth at this place then. Its like a drug, everyone I've taken there has mentioned that the broth is so gooooood. Please try it next time you're in Paris, let me know what you think!


Yum. I intrduced Mark to Pho this summer and he's totally into it now. It's So yum!


I've been there, too! My French Vietnamese friend says that it is the real deal, and cheap too.


Nothing like Pho. And how sweet that you have date night.


I've only been near china town in Paris once... of course, the next time I'm in town, I'll try this place out.


Wow... if me and my roommate ever get around to making the "I <3 Pho" puttons that we keep talking about, I'll send you one!!! :D


The Pho has crack in it here. Flare is right... When I visited her last, I ate there like 12 times in one week.

MMMMMMMmmmmmm crack.

Hong Kong's OO & Bigears

The noodle soup there is the BEST in the world. I've tried Vietnamese beef noodle soup in many places all over the world, incl. Vancouver & Calgary in Canada, San Francisco in US, London in UK, and HOng Kong as well - Pho 14 is the best. Its soup has a magic flavour inside. The soup is so clear but rich in taste. It should be without MSG as you never feel too thirsty after eating the soup. My wife and I just love it.

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