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September 2005

Stuck at work

Series of MMS between my husband (who's not stuck at work) and myself who's stuck at work for the stupidest reason ever! But we won't go into that because these photos are more fun...

*click photos to see dialogue*

Bored at work

FW:RE:Bored... oh! le pied!


FW:Du vin ? - my husband offering me wine... he's so classy, see why I fell in love with him? Likes to booze up his wife. :)

Sucks! - The delivery people never came! I tried to run to their offices to leave the package so that it would go out tonight but they were closed!  What a waste!

I'm heading out now... my dinner plans have been ruined and it's raining and I'm without an umbrella.  What a night!

The Art of Strolling

Most weekends, J and I try to get out of the apartment and enjoy the city. We do what all Parisians do, we stroll. A couple weekends ago, we headed up to one of our favorite places to stroll: Rue Mouffetard.  It's only two metro stops up the 7 line from our house and about a 15 minute walk.  This is a street that's jam packed with neat shops luring you in with each passage.  At the beginning of Rue Mouffetard at the square Censier-Daubenton there's an open air market where we often stop to buy seedless grapes (when they have them!) and melons.  The guys working the kiosk yell out to you to try to get you to buy from them, often a cute smile will get you a discount on strawberries. I remember once paying a euro for a barquette de fraise. That's a steal!

PICT0064 Raisins sans Pepins Rue Mouffetard

Lately, I've been in a bazaar kind of mood. :) A bazaar is what we would call a General Store. They sell a little bit of everything. I'm sure you've heard of seen the BHV in Paris.  BHV stands for Bazaar de Hotel de Ville.  Way back when, they used to have a huge bazaar in the place where the BHV is located which happens to be right across from the Hotel de Ville.  On the Rue Mouffetard, there's a quincaillerie which is more of a hardware store in French but this shop really is a bazaar.  We went in with the intention of finding a wicker laundry basket but I came out with these wonderful little savon de Marseilles:

Quincaillerie or what some call a Bazaar Savon

What else do Parisians do on the weekends? They brunch. Allons bruncher quelque part.... - Let's go brunch... J and I have started a tradition that we go out to brunch twice a month. We usually are content brunching around the house but that defeats the purpose of getting out of the house.  Anyway, one of our new brunching places is Au Pain Quotidien.  I fell in love with their rustic tables and the jars of confiture and homemade milk/hazelnut spreads

Brunch at au pain quotidien Brunch at au pain quotidien Brunch at au pain quotidien

I recommend this place, it's  a bit expensive hence the twice a month brunch rule we have but very fun! After brunch, we went back to our ritual strolling and headed back towards our apartement at Place d'Italie to take a nap.  On our way back we ran into the strangest little photography bazaar. "C'est tres bazaar",  I said to J and he half smiled at me saying you're almost funny. I thought it was terribly funny, though. Ahem. The shop was jam packed with photography gear. From floor to ceiling, the little man who kept the shop only had a little spot right in front of the door, no one could enter the shop. I started taking pictures and the little man shooed me away.  This was the first time I had actually seen the shop open. I thought I was obsessive about things...

Photo Bazaar Lens

Veuillez pas gêner la fermerature de la porte

This was my commute this morning. The "Macmaniaques" have arrived. This week is the Apple Expo and it's all happening right next door to my office.  I have 3 more days of sardine train rides ahead of me. Oh the joy... 

*edit* Just did a little investigation on the whereabouts of the Apple Expo and found that it's at Porte de Versailles this year, not Parc des Exposition as it was last year.  So, why did I see the woman sitting catty-corner from me (pictured) holding an Apple Expo ticket in her hand. Talk about getting lost!  Yikes.  So, who are all these people on the train today?                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Date Night

Every week the hubby and I go on date night.  One of our favorite places to dine, Pho 14, is less than 5 minutes away from our apartment in the 13th arrondissement and probably the one restaurant we go to the most for date night. The staff know us and when they see us come in they seat us at our favorite table (if available) and serve us up with our regular jus de coco and Pho Tai Chin. 

Pho Tai Chin

Pho Tai Chin is a Vietnamese soup chock full of rice noodles and cooked beef brisket marinated in a rich beef broth, seasoned with soja and chinese basil.  One of many delights you'll find on the Avenue de Choisy that runs south of the Place d'Italie and into the heart of Paris' China town. 

Pho 14_1

This is the first restaurant we ate at together after we moved to the 13th and one that we'll keep coming to for years to come.  How did we know that it was so good? When you walk by you can't help smell the Pho Chin and if that doesn't get your attention the large crowd of people waiting to be seated surely will.  Morning, noon and night there is a line to be seated at Pho 14. Trust me, it's well worth the wait.

Pho 14_129_Avenue de Choisy_Paris 13

A fav of mine...

Le Bon Marché.

Yesterday, I fell in love with this place all over again. Honestly, I rarely, really shop here, I come here to get ideas on what I'm looking for and to admire designers I love.

Ok, I do shop here from time to time but only at the cosmetics counters, namely Sisley.  Ok, let's not get my started on skin care, we all know I'm nut when it comes to clean skin.

Last week, I discovered that Le Bon Marché sells yarn. Yes, yarn! I have recently taken up the art of knitting thanks to this knitty lass.  My mother knits, my friends knit, Julia Roberts knits, you probably knit and now so do I! I don't understand why I didn't start this earlier.  All the cool things I will make. :)

I'm currently working on the scarf that seems to never end...

Flare's knitting project Sept 2005 aka. The scarf that never ends...


So, explain to me how I come back from vacation get sick? Sinus blockage & sore throat? What's that all about. Theory being that every time I return to Paris, due to pollution, I get sick.  How can I avoid this? Is this the Kansas girl in me saying that I'm not cut out to be a city girl? Eh, I love this place too much to let that get me down.

I stuck it out the week at work, though the end of this week was terribly difficult, only because Sept. 1 marks the one year anniversary of being an official working girl in France.  Felt like I should be in the office for this milestone.  After being unemployed for nearly 2 years after I  first moved to France, then I could barely imagine that I'd be where I am today.