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September 20, 2005


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Yay!! It's gorgeous! :)


Too cute! Now you're ready to try following a pattern! I am making one with some yarn I picked up this weekend- how long is yours?


Not *that* long, if I'm wearing a fitted jacket it won't pass the bottom of the jacket. I have some left over, I don't know what I'm going to make with it though... maybe socks?


This knitting thing is insane. I learned to knit (and crochet, and sew, and embroider) as a girl back when it was assumed that all girls would grow up to be farmer's wives. Then I sneered upon this training for years. Now knitting is a huge craze and the yarns look better than ever. The problem is that if I sit and knit all the time, on top of the time I spend blogging, I'll never get off my butt! But your scarf is giving me knitting fever. I fear I may succomb . . .


Wow, lookin' good!!! Can't wait to see what your next knitting projects will be!

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