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Tribbles Attack! (Part 2)

Tribbles_1 Work has been absolutely crazy lately! The Tribbles, aka. my  Korean colleagues, have been out in full force working yours truly to the point where I'm unable to procrastinate long enough to blog! Quelle horror!

I'm thinking I need some time off. So, like every other French colleague in my office for Toussaint (Nov 1), I will be doing le pont or the bridge.  Toussaint is All Saint's day and a bank holiday in France and it falls on a Tuesday, so everyone will bridge the long weekend by taking off Oct. 31st as well.  I love France!

Ok, so back to the Tribbles... ever since I did the Meme Cinq and revealed my love for Star Trek, I've had Tribbles on the brain.  It dawned on my last week while walking behind all of my colleagues (whom most I am taller than) that they looked like little black tribbles from behind.  Their little heads bobbling from side to side with their short haircuts, I felt I was being overtaken by a herd of Tribbles.  Picture to come... Anything to make the day go by, people... it's very entertaining so now when I see my colleagues and imagine them as these crazy little Tribbles bouncing around the hallways.

Well, that's about all I can afford to write today... Tribbles are calling...


Meme Cinq

I've been doubled tagged by two wonderful bloggers to do the meme cinq (five things meme).  As I am presently procrastinating and doing a meme seems so much more fun than analyzing market share information.  So, let the randomness begin...

1) I am the oldest of FIVE kids.  Talk about a good time, people.  Imagine my husband's reaction to meeting the Osbourn 5? haha. We are three girls and two boys  with the youngest ringing in at 8 years my junior, born in two year intervals.  Imagine that growing up...  I've always shared a room with someone, share a bathroom, share my toys, the telephone, you get the picture... you would think that I was a champ at sharing? Ha, yeah right. Oldest rules, the others drool... We were close enough in age to have the same friends and far enough so that we were all able to go off to college alone and it be a big deal for each of us.  Now that we are all starting our adult lives and moving off to far away places (LA, DC, Seoul, Paris, Lawrence, Ks) it's never been so apparent how much we really miss and love each other. 

2) I can pick up tennis balls with my feet and throw them!  Yes, this was something I learned in HS while playing varsity tennis.  It was a long day of tournament play and hotter than hell. I stripped off my shoes to walk barefoot and let my feet breathe. My teammate asked me to throw her the ball and being too tired to bend over to pick it up, I picked up the ball with my foot and launched it to her.  I practice Tae Kwon Do at the time so I was crazy flexible and able to contort my legs to do weird things like throw tennis balls. 

3) Monday of this week, I went to sleep at 6:00pm and woke up for work on Tuesday at 9am.  15 hours straight, baby.  Beauty sleep is very important to me. :)

4) I can only drink alcohol that has bubbles in it. So, you know what that means... Une coupe de champagne, s 'il vous plait!

5) I love Star Trek. The Captain Kirk years are my favorite. William Shatner... does it get any better than that? And then the Jean-Luc Picard years, yeah I liked those too... can say that I have seen every episode. But not the Captain Janway years and not so much the Captain Archer years, I think that I've grown out of my "Beam me up, Scotty" phase... So, if you know these names, Live long and prosper. Don't know these names, you're just not as nerdy as me.

I'm passing this Meme Cinq on to Reesie Peasie, my xanga homegirl, to Irene the one and only MOMster in Paris, to Sandra, a knitter that I admire, to Anne because she has something drooling under her bed and has to get her mind off it and to Andie because doing something random is always fun!

Too busy to sleep...

Where have I been?

Things have been rather crazy lately. Work's crazy. My married life is crazy but in the most wonderful ways. My hair is crazy, will post pictures.  My cat is crazy. It is feared that he has psychological problems or a very crazy bladder problems. We have removed all pairs of shoes from the floor in fear of this craziness. 

Tickets have been purchased to go home at Christmas. This is something I am absolutely looking forward to! I have not seen my parents and siblings (4 of them!) in two years! I miss them.  It's times like this when I start to question why I live to far away... but wait that's all about starting your adult life. And I live in Paris, so... yeah...

What else is there... a few knit projects progressing slowly but surely.  I've been spending some precious face time with good friends. Sleeping. Trying to keep from getting the bug that everyone seems to have at work.

Did I mention that my hair is crazy? Yeah... did that today. Still trying to decide if I like it? Going to the salon can be 50/50 for me. Sometimes I walk out and my hair is this is amazing piece of artwork that I can never reproduce myself unless I grow a couple more hands or something. Or, it's almost what I wanted and in two weeks it's absolutely fab. My hair is currently the latter... So, we'll see...

My mom is in Korea! She hasn't been back to the motherland in 30 years! Can you imagine? I wish I could be there with her.  Could this happen to me? I mean, I am repeating history here except I moved from the States to Paris.

Have you seen the movie Le Divorce? I enjoyed it immensely... I love films that take place in Paris. I love watching and looking for where those scenes were shot and thinking... I know exactly where that is.  Anyway, you know the mother-in-law in Le Divorce? That's my mother-in-law... everything about her except the speaking English with her American daughter-in-law. My mother in law is too proud to speak to me in English, though I know she very well can. The Bien sur  and the monopolizing conversation and the reflections. So, I suppose I'm not the only one who has a mother-in-law like this.  Oh, Romain Duris is in this film... he's so cute when he speaks English... je craque!

So, that's the brief update of what's been going on...

It is now 2:31am... bed time! Demain, brunch with the girls and a movie: Moi, Toi et les Autres.