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November 2005

A Life filled with so much love.

To my dearest Omma,

The emptiness I feel is filled with the love I feel for you. I am grateful for all the precious moments I've had to share with you, mom. The strength I feel today is because of you. The courage I had to move to France is because of you.  The lessons of love I have learned, I have learned from you watching you. Every step I take from now on, I know that you will be there looking down on me and I will look up and smile. I am your daughter and I will make you proud, it's only natural because I'm so proud of you.  I am who I am because of you.

I love you, Omma. Sweet dreams and I will see you again.

Love forever,


What I call a pit, a knit stop!

I've currently got one two, no...three; knit projects going on.  Turtle Shurg, Fun Scarf (yea, I need to finish this one... sewing in the ends has been a bitch though) , and Tweedy Sweater . Yeah, I like to multi-task or get bored easily you decide.  So, I decided to make a knit stop with these:

WIP: Macro Cable of Eowyn wrist warmers WIP: Eowyn Wrist warmers from Rowan Magazine #38

From Rowan's magazine 38 these lovlies are called Eowyn. This is my first cable ever and it was so simple! I love cabling! It also helps that I am knitting with Rowan's Kid Classic, it knits so well and feels wonderful agains your skin. I will be sporting these this weekend! It's cold and I need them!  One thing that's kind of neat is that there is a thumb hole that is made by sewing up the seam. The pattern calls for it! Great for a beginner knitter who isn't quite sure how to make a thumb hole yet! :)

Life is scary

That's what I said in my previous entry... my life has been so scary lately but not as crazy as my mother's.   Early last night my father had been sending out updates on my mother's condition and she's slowly progressing to a better state.  Baby steps.  I just read the latest update that they have taken the breathing tube out and she's breathing on her own.  My god, I nearly fell out of my chair when I read that at work today.  Way to go, mom.  We know that she's suffered a heart attack, strong enough to disrupt her blood flow and cause respiratory distress but not bad enough for surgical intervention.  Thank goodness.  She can finally talk now and my father can finally give my mom a kiss.  For the last few days she's been in complete isolation due to high risk infection.  I feel so helpless being so far away.

Gosh, Life is so scary.

Thank you for all your well wishes.  Iam so lucky to have so many friends. It's funny how a perfect stranger can bring a smile to your face and warm your heart.  Thank you for all the encouraging emails.  I feel as though the worst has passed and my Omma is on the road to recovery.  I will be going home in just over a month.  I look forward to that first long hug. 

I am heading to bed for what I think is my first night of restful sleep in a while...


Life is...

Life is beautiful.

Life is full.

Life is happy.

Life is sad.

Life ends.

The last one is something I have a very hard time dealing with.  I don't even try to deal with it. I just ignore it. I can't ignore it anymore. It's come up this weekend and slapped me in the face and it yelling "deal with it!". My mother's had a heart attack last week and now is in the hospitol on life support. And I don't know what to do. Never in my life have I ever thought that I could lose my parents. Lose my mom. It's my mommy. My Omma. She's *always* been there.  How is this possible?

Life is scary.

This is life.

I'm waiting for more concrete results before I make any desicions to head home.  My father and brother are currently on top of things. What could I do right now? Be there waiting? My heart feels strong, I feel like my mom will pull through.  Life has taught me to have hope. I am hoping.

Omma, sarang-eh.

Work in progress: Pull Manche Courte

You may have wondered where I've gone? Well, I've been on holiday and have een obsessively knitting. I've just started this:

Pull Manche Courte New project: short sleeve sweater.

This is will be my first sweater. :)

The pattern is from Phildar's Tendance Automne 05/06

A friend told me that knitting releases endorphines and makes you happy.  I picked up knitting as a way to calm myself. My job is rather stressful and being married has it's stressful moments. It's nice to have something all to myself and the possibility to make wonderful things!

Like this:
Almost done. . .
For my sister.
So, wondering where I am? Well, I'm probably knitting and living... but I can be found here, if you're wondering...