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What I call a pit, a knit stop!

I've currently got one two, no...three; knit projects going on.  Turtle Shurg, Fun Scarf (yea, I need to finish this one... sewing in the ends has been a bitch though) , and Tweedy Sweater . Yeah, I like to multi-task or get bored easily you decide.  So, I decided to make a knit stop with these:

WIP: Macro Cable of Eowyn wrist warmers WIP: Eowyn Wrist warmers from Rowan Magazine #38

From Rowan's magazine 38 these lovlies are called Eowyn. This is my first cable ever and it was so simple! I love cabling! It also helps that I am knitting with Rowan's Kid Classic, it knits so well and feels wonderful agains your skin. I will be sporting these this weekend! It's cold and I need them!  One thing that's kind of neat is that there is a thumb hole that is made by sewing up the seam. The pattern calls for it! Great for a beginner knitter who isn't quite sure how to make a thumb hole yet! :)