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November 10, 2005


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Eowyn is one of my favorites from 38 its nice to see someone making them, it has got me thinking about making them again. I've knit a couple of things with Rowan Kid Classic, most recently finished a scarf with it and I wear it all the time. The cables look great look forward to seeing a pic of the finished product.


I also have 4 projects going on right now... oh, the life of a multi-tasker is never easy, lol. I'm hoping to finish something else relatively soon though, but we'll see... I might just pick up a new project before that happens, lol.


The caplet is very beautiful.



Wow...nice site, I'm going to book mark you if you dont mind.


Cabling is highly addictive. Once I realized how simple it was, I couldn't seem to find enough projects. Good luck with the projects.

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