Tribbles Attack! (Part 2)
Finally home. . .

Work in progress: Pull Manche Courte

You may have wondered where I've gone? Well, I've been on holiday and have een obsessively knitting. I've just started this:

Pull Manche Courte New project: short sleeve sweater.

This is will be my first sweater. :)

The pattern is from Phildar's Tendance Automne 05/06

A friend told me that knitting releases endorphines and makes you happy.  I picked up knitting as a way to calm myself. My job is rather stressful and being married has it's stressful moments. It's nice to have something all to myself and the possibility to make wonderful things!

Like this:
Almost done. . .
For my sister.
So, wondering where I am? Well, I'm probably knitting and living... but I can be found here, if you're wondering...