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January 25, 2006


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i've gotten addicted to my public pool, go there a lot but i guess it really depends on the pool and how its run.
ours is outside (there is an inside one but its for the kiddies) but heated and most people are not too annoying when they swim.
i accidently kicked someone sometimes (it happens!) but the woman looked at me as if i meant to! crazy.
about the little peeping toms mite because todays wednesday and the kiddies are out of school...
i always think the old men with badly placed swim caps look like they've got condoms perched on their heads... *lol*
keep us updated on your swimming experiences ;)


Sweet Pickle Jesus! That place sounds awful. If I were you, I'd steal two or three links from the plastic lane line, throw them in my bathtub, and never leave the house for swimming again.



Kicked in the boob...ouch! Sounds like a fun experience indeed.

My father-in-law actually works for one of the city pools in the Lille area. He has quite a few interesting stories too. Let's just say some people think it is a bathtub rather than a pool!


I would make a note to myself to avoid public pools in France but then that wouldn't be necessary. I gave up on public pools in elementary school. They always give me an ear or throat infection.


Brrr - it's always so freezing cold... don't these people know that it is possible to heat the water??


Oh, YAY!!! You're back!!! :D

I know nothing about public swimming pools in France, but I just wanted to let you know I'm glad to have you back blogging away. Fun times!

Andre Veloux

Also, not forgetting public French swimming pools are f-f-f-freeeeezing.

The main pool here is usually around 28°, and I have been in it at 25°. Even the kids pool struggles to make 29° sometimes.

And yes, no bermudas!! Or else.


i need a swim cap. my hair get so out of control after being in a pool.

Hi Flare!

Ehr Canada

At Aquaboulevard, I think the creedo for men and boys was "Do it the Speedo way, or go away!"

I'm not sure if the "Speedo" only rule is for hygiene purposes or to keep out some non-pure French.

I did go into the piscine with my brand new "Speedos" that I bought at the local sporting goods store. I lined up at the waterslides with all the other good "Speedometric" men and boys. The women and girls had on their one or two piece swimsuits.

At least I didn't have to wear a bathing cap.

In some other European pools, I did notice several men, women, boys, and girls hiking up their teensy-weensy swimsuits to make instant-thongs just before they would go down the waterslides. Even moms were hiking up their sons' swimsuits for the need to speed.

Oh yes, the cubicles at some co-ed changing facilities are meant for modest people. I did see some families changing right by the lockers. Even the segregated showers didn't stop the cleaning lady from hosin' down the men's area.


I love this blog.. I've lived in France for a year but never actually went in a public pool there; however I'm about to leave for France to visit some friends and I'm almost certain a pool is on the agenda. I'm wondering whether to buy my stuff in the states or just wait for France.??. This blog brings back strange memories of my trips anywhere in public there!!

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