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January 03, 2006


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So glad to have you back! And, here's to a great 2006!


just a lurker here...but reading your entry gives my hope for the new year myself...i lost my father last year about this exact time. so hard dealing with everything... and trying to get on with your life at the same time. luckily i have a wonderful husband who surprised me with a trip to paris in march...and who gives me all the space i need (usually) when i need it. good luck to you this year...


*hugs* welcome back mah sistah!


flare, stay strong and hang in there. *hug* happy 2006! xoxo


Aimee, I've got nothing but love and admiration for you. This is a trying time, but you will truly overcome. And you will mature and grow with style and grace and all those good things that you've got loads of (don't deny!).

"I feel ready to live my life again."

That's said with true flair by my own true flare. I wish we lived around the block so we could go to coffee. I wish that more and more everytime I come to read you or see you online.


Sending much love to your and your family.


Welcome back, Flare. Best wishes to you in 2006.


Bon courage my dear! It's lovely to have you back xxx


I'm so glad you're back! I hope 2006 is a wonderful year for you.


Glad to see you're back. Sorry to hear about your mom. I have faith that 2006 will be much better than the last year though.


welcome back and happy new year!

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