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February 03, 2006


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that was really touching and moving. thanks for sharing. :)


Hi there...

I stumbled across your site a couple days ago and was drawn in by a few things:

* You're living in Paris. How neat is that! I was last there exactly two years ago and often dream of returning one day.

* You're half-Korean. I'm half-Korean... in a way. Culturally, at least.

* You have short hair & like to take care of your skin. I do too. :)

I know these are superficial and self-oriented reasons to like your site... but I hope you don't mind.

Your most recent entry is particularly touching. My mother passed away in 2003, and I think I know what you mean when you say:

"These moments when these memories come to me are the moments that I look most forward to these days."

I have sometimes experienced pangs of fear that I will forget irreplaceable memories of her... but it's during such unexpected flashback "moments" that you so beautifully articulated that I realize that her place in my heart and identity is indelible. Even those memories that I might've forgotten, I know that my subconscious will eventually find a right moment to let them resurface...

Thanks for posting.

~ nancy


i remember my mom also yelling at me for picking my chicken pox scabs..except i was 15 years old!


i dont remember those days...but you did give me and biz chicken pox too...i guess i'm grateful that i was too young to suffer from it.


that was a really touching memory. yes, thanks for sharing. :-)


love those kinds of highly detailed & random memories. I have them often.


I was seven when I had chicken pox. My mother did not trust me to touch me face and so she washed it and applied calomine lotion. Then one day she accidentally popped one of the blisters. I still have the scar by my nose. She still moans over her accident. I say it's ok because we should all have things about our faces that lend themselves to stories.


I have wonderful memories like this from when I was a kid. The most touching part is when you said you felt like a princess while getting your hair curled. I know exactly what you are talking about, and that feeling that you get deep down and hold with you for the rest of your life. It's so important to keep these memories and these feelings tightly with you... I know that when/if you decide to have children, you will be a wonderful mom. They will have many good memories of their childhood too.


lovely post... glad I linked over here from PunkRawkPurl (tammy's) blog.
I still have a scar on my stomach from the pox- It was the first pock that showed up and I think it is ironic that it is still there...

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