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February 28, 2006


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mmmm PB&B sandwiches are great! i didn't bother to translate everything as i don't have a desktop widget, but i get the gist of it. i like these frenglish entries. sorta like french word-a-day. hmm... now i want to read a taglish (tagalog + english) blog too! or maybe chinglish or italiglish, germanglish or spanglish... i like blogs in english that throw in foreign words.


I agree. If Nutella didn't cost so much here, I'd stockpile it.


yum. but you know what else is good? peanut butter and nutella on toast. I bet bananas on top of all that would be quite tasty, too, although I've never tried it. Just don't let your husband see -- I bet it's sacreligious or something!


I like to grill my PB and B sandwhiches so that the peanut butter gets all hot and melty. mmmn.


I like to grill my PB and B sandwiches so that the peanut butter gets all hot and melty. mmmn.


Yuuuuuuuuuuum! You can also do PB&B WITH nutella... double yuuuuuuuuum!


Don't tell hubby, but Nutella est une invention italienne, pas français! I caught my 11 year old redhanded with a jar of Nutella and a spoon just yesterday!


Too cute!


We own a restaurant. My husband does the business end and his cousin Jennifer is the chef. One night, the special was sliced bananas. She took a banana and sliced it down the middle. She then spread a spicy pesto on the bananas, next layer was some type of cheese and then sprinkled nuts on top. It was awesome! Her inspiration was the banana, Miracle Whip sandwiches her Grandma used to make.

Andre Veloux

Are you going to post some recipes? How about tartine with grilled aubergine, pesto and mozarella? A classic. I had a friend at uni who swore by toast (i.e. tartine) with peanut butter and ketchup!


Peanut butter lovers unite! I love pb&j sandwiches, and to add banana....even better!


When I was about 7, most of my friends loved PB&B sandwiches. I have always been partial to PB and honey though.


You are hilarious... penut butter needs sugar... I would be in PB withdrawal


OMG Peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches are the BEST. We also grill our PB&Banana sands at our house. Try throwing some mini choco chips in there- they melt and get super yummy. BTW we often buy 'natural' PB, which has no added sugar. I just throw a teaspoon of honey into the PB as I spread it on the bread and it turns out delish.

The Bold Soul

Just today I was making myself a PB&J sandwich and wondering if I would be able to get peanut butter when I move to France later this year. Clearly I will have to make arrangements to have some shipped over from "back home" if I want the GOOD stuff. Thanks for clearing that up for me. Just discovered your blog via Mrs. B and am enjoying it so far.


Peanutbutter. We spend a lot of time looking for some peanutbutter to put in the (west-african) spinach sauce we were making and only found it in a small exotic shop. There they had two types; one with and one without sugar. The shop owner told us that the one without sugar was for putting on bread slices and I found that strange because in the netherlands we use the one with sugar, but now I understand.

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