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March 21, 2006


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Oh, Hon, I am so relieved to hear that. I have been wondering and worrying a bit--knowing you have to go down that same path I reluctantly traversed 8 years ago. It will never be the same, and neither will you, but it will be better, and you will be better because of it. It is definitely a trial by fire, but you are coming through it just fine. Your mom is watching, and she is very proud of you.

Andre Veloux

I thought you were really "en forme" reading your blog recently. Lifes full of little steps, we just slowly learn to live with ourselves and make the most of life. Happy you are getting there.


Hey, this is my first time posting, so this might seem kinda odd coming from a random person, but it really does get easier with time. I just posted about my experience with losing a parent last week. That fact that it happened will always suck, but I believe they are still out there somewhere, looking down on (and watching out for) us.


I know you'll be with her again some day!


With Spring comes new life, new beginnings....

jess/ ncn

god, aimee. this is beautiful...


Hi Flare !

The wheel turns. Sometimes it turns all too slowly. Things always become better with time. Always.



I'm so glad you're seeing your way to strength. I know that has to be one of the hardest things in the world to continue to deal with.


what a beautiful entry! i feel the exact way about the "afterlife". and hurrah for converse all stars!


I stop by from time to time but rarely comment. Having also lost my Mum, this is a beautifully written perspective of the way in which we feel and live our lives. Thank you for putting how I feel into words for me!
All the best xo


I'm so glad for you. I have the same feelings about religion and the spirit, I feel like I'm absolutely sure of some things and completely unsure about others. But I think it will all be all right =)

Jenny Vorwaller

(((hug))) i believe there is a place for us, and that its very real...more than we know!

hope you continue to be gentle with yourself...

thanks for coming to my blog!

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