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April 21, 2006


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you are just inspirational!
I am going to try and do some of this, unfortunately timing for me, ce tombe mal (with the wait for the book and then the whole vacation in Sicily bit :)


Dude those diagrams look like the holodeck on the Enterprise.


Looks great! I really like the magnetic knife strip, I'll have to look into getting one of those...


You've inspired me to maybe do something about my closet! (maybe)

jess/ ncn

wow! so much change... i like the look of the new guest room..
40 litres of skincare?? yikes!
i just cleaned out my closet, but i do that all of the time...


It all looks great.


I love what you have done to your apartment so far, inspiring. Very cool to see Apartment Therapy in action, I love this book. The only trick for me is to follow it when planning a move so I've just been working on the clutter. I did not know the book had its own blog.

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