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April 05, 2006


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as you say... you are renting so why do much work to the apartment? i feel the same way about mine, but we have done some updates like installing an automatic digital thermostat, put in new locks, and generally fix some broken things. the landlord reimburses us for those fixes though.

i might have an idea or two for a living room layout, but would need an actual photo or something of it.


I wish I had a creative bone in my body. And another one for home improvement...! Good luck on the home make-over, I look forward to seeing the progress.


I usually do not do too much if I am renting. However, I did paint the bedroom in my current apartment -- partially because I was bored and partially because I figured that I may be in the apartment for some time. Housing prices are so outrageous here.

jess/ ncn

i think you already know this, but i really liked your place! esp the kitchen...
aaaaand, you have SO much more closet space than me, you lucky duck!
buuuut, i think therapy is always in order. i like the green paint color a LOT!


oooh! both our kitchen and master bath will be in shades of green! the kitchen much lighter hue than the bathroom. i decided to try to go a little "bolder" in there. =D before, everything was just white in our home, basically. tho the bathrooms have blue from previous owners.


Have you thought of putting a mezzanine in your room and make the space under it a 'dressing'?

I agree that sprucing up an apartment is good for the soul (even if you are renting) because it's a place where you should feel good. Really good. It should be a place that you feel you can put down your keys and relax. The cost of paint is peanuts compared to that.

Personally, if there is a lot of clutter and stands of stuff laying around because I don't know where to put it, it drives me insane. Maybe you are the same?

Apartment therapy requires a visit to Ikea. Lot's of good ideas there even if you don't plan on buying anything.


We are talking about putting a mezzanine in our bedroom but the hubby is worried about getting up in the morning and being bothered, meaning HE doesn't want to be bothered! But we'd probably have to build the mezzanine ourselves as well because we have an odd sized mattress of 160x190, and not sure that mezzanines are made that big?

We have a trip planned to Ikea next week. :)


I know what you mean! I get part of the way through jazzing up my space and then just give up. Part of my problem is that I start to feel guilty for putting so much resources into a space that I'm rarely in. Maybe it just means I need to stay home more ; )


I am thinking about joining in too. But I have to get the book first :)

Fanny (Paris, France)

Alors juste un conseil : faites attention avec ce vert particulier, selon l'orientation lumineuse du mur que vous voulez peindre...trop peu éclairé, il pourrait paraître assez triste..(mais ce n'est qu'un point de vue hein :-)!)

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