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Let me introduce you to my husband...

Our apartment needs creative therapy!

As I'm exploring self improvement through creative therapy, I stopped and took a look around my apartment and realized that our apartment needs a little therapy, too.  We've been living here for two years and haven't done much to fix our digs up.  We hadn't intended to stay very long but not it seems like we'll be here for a little while longer so why not fix her up a bit to help pass the time and make it a more pleasant place to live.  Ms. Jess over at Fig and Plum recently told me about Apartment Therapy's group cure.  I, too, am wating for my Apartement Therapy book to arrive so I can start the eight step home cure.  I'm often lacking in ideas about arranging the apartment as you can see from the rough floor plan I just drew up.  We lack floor space.  Drawing straight lines are not my forté, y'all.  There will be a version 2 very soon.

Our floorplan: Draft 1
Click here for better viewing size.
Click photo for some explanation of the lay out.

Our apartment is strangely laid out.  It's long. Very long.  In all, it's 59 meter squared or 635 square feet.  But our hallway is 13 meters squared long (139 square feet).  The hallway runs the length of the apartment and it's technically the biggest space in our apartement. .  So, I guess I should start out with the things I like about our apartment.  It's quiet. There's a lot of light and the ceilings are very high. In our previous apartment I could almost touch the ceiling jumping, we felt very closed in.  The list of things that I don't like is much longer, so I'll just give you the short version:

- No bathtub
- No heater in the hallway. Hallway = Siberia most of the year.
- The bathroom and our bedroom are on opposite ends of the apartment.
- No closet space. (!)

The last one really threw me when we moved in.  I figured we'd be alright and get a few armories and I'd just get over the lack of closet space.  It's painful to get an armories when you have such little floor space, so we've contented ourselves to sharing one armorie which just doesn't work for two clothes horses like us!  You'll see in the guest room/office that J has a clothes rack with just his suits and dress shirts.  The guest room can be easily called our office, dressing room, vanity and Leo's bedroom and someday when we have our first child this will be their room too.

So, there you have it... this is chez nous. We're going to try to give our little apartment some love therapy so that we can all get along. First on my list, paint a wall in the living room green. Here's a color I'm thinking about...

Dream Green


Here's a shot of our livingroom today...

Our Livingroom