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April 13, 2006


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awwwww. . .


Well, that's not very Hugh-like!

Andre Veloux

I've seen that gel advertised on French TV. I see it really works then!!


That just cracked me up!

jess/ ncn

that's hilarious...


Against gravity. Very cool.


That is too funny! My husband would kill me if I put a pic of him with crazy hair on my blog. :)


Hehe - funny! Does he not resemble the lead singer from The Cure is this pic?

Fanny (Paris, France)

Tiens, ça, ça me rappelle une tentative faite sur mon chéri avec le fameux produit "out of bed".....dont personne ne se souvenait jamais et qui a fini par s'appeler pour tout le monde "under the bed"....mais bon, on est français, alors pour nous ça change pas grand chose;-)!!


My husband has cut his Hugh Grant like hair... it's shorter now... I'll have to work up the courage to post a picture. Soon...


My initial reaction was NOOO! Too many guys with shaggy hair are getting the snip and going for short. Obviously, I'm a fan of a good shaggy do.

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