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April 19, 2006


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Nothing like a long conversation with an old friend. I only have a cellphone but I also have an international calling plan on it.

jess/ ncn

i'm so impressed with your writing these days. it's so honest, and fresh. it's not at all goopy or overly emotional. it's very indentifiable...
i can't believe that you haven't had a land line till now... have you just relied on your family calling you to talk to them?


It is amazing how you can just pick up almost effortlessly when there is a strong connection.

May those connections stay alive and support you through any difficulties you face in this year. It may be hard, but you are so strong. Really, I totally agree with Jess. So much heart in this. And that hear is really strong.


Very eloquent writing. I can’t imagine knowing what you’re going through. Live in the moment –a good thought.


If you haven't already check out www.skype.com--internet phone service

I get calls from or call to Japan, Canada, Kuwait, Algeria. All free and a surprisingly good connection.

Sorry about what you're going through right now. How you must really miss your mom.


It took me a long time to get adjusted to life in the States! No friends (at first) and a language barrier... Sound familiar?
Enjoy your phone!


That was really beautiful. I just stumbled upon your page and I'm glad I did. You really made my day just now :)


I have friends that I'm like that with. I still kick myself for not keeping in touch with them on a more regular basis but am heartened to know the connection is still there when we do connect.

Keep on keeping on as they say.


I can't imagine without having a landline phone with a cell phone. Since in Korea if I call with a cell to landline, it cost more. If I call cell to cell, cost less, and landline to cell more, landline to landline less.

But 'ey~ Am glad you got your landline now. :3 And I read your short bio, and I think that's awesome how you majored in French, and went there and found your hubby. :3 How romantic. ^_^


It's so funny how there are some people who are such good friends that you can not talk to them for a long period of time, and then when you do talk to them, you pick up at the exact moment you left off, as though no time at all had passed.
Beautiful, honest post


Beautifully written, but is it time you speak of... or love?


I have a friend like that. I I haven't seen her for about 14 years but yet when I reconnected with her recently it felt as if nothing was changed.


I am struggling to trust the ebb and flow of time too. It does bring a lot of joy and sorrow. My daughter asks me sometimes when I will die and I tell her that I will always be her mother, and will love her for as long as she lives and can remember me.
I do not know you, Flare, so maybe I am being too personal. For that I am sorry, but your post got me thinking.
Try saying a silent thank you in honour of her memory every time you feel that pang of pain. It is nothing dangerous or harmful, it is only love.


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