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June 26, 2006


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Love this story, and can so relate. Weren't Keds the bomb in junior high? I remember wearing them with two pairs of socks (pink and white), coordinated with my top AND my eyeshadow. Wow, we were so cool. :D


Wow, what a delightful memory. Thank you so much for sharing! Your story put a big smile on my face and a desire to look at everyones feet.


Emma, this seriously was the beginning of a love affair with shoes. I am always looking down at people's feet to see what they're wearing. I remember looking at my husband's shoes when I first met him, he wrote vans. I knew we were meant to be. :D


what a great story. for some reason, just as i started reading this, porcelain by moby came on. seriously the perfect song for this entry!


I love this.


this is such a beautiful memory, and a reminder of how such seemingly "small" things can leave lasting memories. your ga ga sounds amazing...


Aimee, you and your husband look fantastic together (I peeked on your photos at Flickr). Is there any truth to the saying that one is either a shoe girl OR a bag girl?


Aww, thanks Emma. I don't know if a girl is either a shoe girl or a bag girl. All I know is I'm both! What are you?

The Bold Soul

Loved this story! I can't remember a favorite pair of shoes until I hit the 8th or 9th grade, back around 1976 when platform shoes were the "it" thing and then I remember a specific pair of shoes I loved: 5" platform, tan leather straps, with hemp covering the entire platform. I'm a short girl so loved the feeling of being taller and tottering around on those high-high shoes. I wore those shoes until I wore them out completely.


aww, how sweet! P.S. Found your blog through Flickr ;)


Great story.

For me, Vans and Converse were the ultimate kicks, mainly due to my obsession with skateboarding in the 80's. But I remember all the cool girls wore Keds.

Anyway, thanks for that entry... stumbled onto your site by chance, and ended up spending an inordinate amount of time reading your stories... fantastic!


I know I could sure need some advise from a shoe girl :-) Bags are my obsession, I get teased for my love of small and soft bags that I can swing around while trotting down the street.


This is hilarious stuff!

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