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While the cat's away the mice play...

Or in this case the other way around. While I was sleeping Leo goes to town on my latest knitting project.

Leo is our cat.  I should have known better than to leave my shawl on the arm rest of the couch. It was late. I was tired and could only think about getting to bed.  I left the livingroom door open. A clear invite to my nite kitty to come in a play.  And he sure did play.  I awoke a couple mornings ago to a pile of what was once my Little Arrowhead Shawl.  Leo was long gone before I knew what had happened. I wish I could have caught his little paws in the action. He did a fairly good job of unravelling the shawl, I was able to salvage the skein and half very easily.

How do cats do it?

I can tell he's been feeling quite guilty.  He's been following me around the apt for two days now.  Even to the bathroom.  The photo above is pretty much all he does all day. He lays with his back to me and when I stand up he runs and then santers his way back to me.  I talk with my husband about this we think he was revenging himself for a cople days ago when I had forgotten to feed him.  Leo is moody like his mamma. I guess I can't fault him for that. One thing is for sure, I'll be putting my knitting away every night. Don't want him to be getting any other catty ideas.

So, I contemplated starting the shawl again but I decided against it, It was to have been worn to a wedding  coming very soon and now I won't have time to finish it. So, I've decided on a silk scarf. Something to throw on when I feel a bit chilly or need a bit of color around the neck.

Little Arrowhead v2.0 Little Arrowhead v2.0

I actually like the lace pattern better here than in the shawl. It's knit on smaller needles and it seems to work better for me. I"m thinking long and skinny to be wrapped around the neck a couple times. Perfect for this fall.

Sweating behind the knees

I hate that.

Sweating is fine. But behind the knees? Or even worse sweating under your bra.

According to our dandy little digital thermostat it is currently 87F (30.7C) in the apt.  And it's 83F (28.7C) outside!  Last night, it rained and I was so perturbed by the welcomed coolness I couldn't get to sleep.  Today, I went to the grocery store to stock up on bottled water and whatever fresh,cool things I could find to make for dinner.  Our dinners have consisted  of lots of water and maybe some fruit. It's too hot to eat. It makes my stomach do flip flops to even think about it.  Luckily, my husband works in an air conditioned office. I'm happy for him. Really.  But we have the same funny conversation every evening about how hot it is and how hot he's been and I look at him and say, "Honey  Did every pore on your body sweat the entire day? Non-stop?" He smiles sheepishly and grins, "No, dear".   

How do we deal? We go to the movies. Go to the local swimming pool. Make sure to drink more than enough water and then some. My handy little fan I found in Chinatown helps when stuck on the metro. Wear fabrics that breath and dry quickly because you never know where you're going to sweat, like the back of your knees or worse!  And at night, we take cold showers before bed and hope that sleep overtakes us before the heat does. 

Since I started this entry, the temperature in the apt has gone up one degree (88F) and it's only 1:3opm. I predict it'll probably go up a few more degrees before the heat breaks around 8pm tonight.

Pop rocks & Bastille Day!

It's 1;05am and I'm a bit tired to write what happened right now but I'll tell you this either the French don't know how to plan a fireworks show or I'm grounded from planning anything for a big group ever again.

PS. Pop rocks, rock!

I'll write more tomorrow when I'm a bit more awake....


It started out as a good idea as we had been talking about doing an apero by the Seine for months now.   My husband reassured me that we'd be able to see the fireworks from Pont Neuf  as it's  has a great vantage point of the Eiffel Tower. So, I made the call to some friends and we were off.  We found a nice grassy park right under the Pont Neuf with lots of shade.  We camped out eating pasta salad and drinking rosé wine. Knitting with our shoes kicked off and some of us stealing a few Zs as the sun set.  Waving to tourists as the Bateau Mouche went by. Hamming it up for the camera. People watched while catching a strange photo shoot with an uber skinny model.  While we had plenty to occupy the senses we started to get anxious as the sky got darker and moved closer to the banks to get a better view of the portion of sky that we thought the fireworks would happen.  After a couple more bottles of rosé and a bottle of Champagne we really started to wonder if this show was going to happen?  All of a sudden, we heard distance booms and saw that the trees that happen to be in our field of vision were lighting up.  We looked at each other and cried "nooooo!". We had missed the show.  With in minutes the little island that's located under the Pont Neuf had cleared out we were left with a few others who were trying to decide if they should leave or not.  We sat there laughing and looking at each other.  We were disappointed but this made for a very memorable Bastille Day.  To top the evening off, Ronica pulled out a single package of strawberry pop rocks that we shared between 7 people.  All was saved with a bit of pop rocks and champagne.

Feeling the vibe

FW:France is in the finals!
Originally uploaded by PutYourFlareOn.

It's not hard getting caught up in all the excitement of the World Cup. I'll admit that I'm not a huge soccer fan. But I've found something that draws me to the game besides the game itself.  The fans.  Sitting with 20 of my friends tonight and cheering together as we watched France beat Portugal I really felt like I was experiencing an intimate aspect of the French culture.  It's so interesting to see how differently each culture reacts to this sport.  The melodramatics of the Italians. The stoicism of the Germans.  The French pride.  I am starting to really enjoy all this world cup hype.  So, it's now France vs. Italy in the finals... I hope that we put the Italian melodramatics to a rest once and for all!

Allez les bleus!  It is 1:08am and Place d'Italie is like an outdoor party.  People dancing in the streets (yelling and singing that I can hear from my apt).  Car horns blaring.  French flags flying from apt windows. The vibe is outstanding...

Once every 4 years...

I've never heard my husband's voice go so high as he's cheering for France tonight in the World Cup!  And he's on the phone with two different people as I type this entry. Too funny.

Oh, France just won! It's party time in Paris.

*edit* Where's your husband at 1:57am? Mine is out celebrating France's victory on the Champs Elysees with everyone else in Paris. I can still hear the cars honking. So much for sleeping tonight.