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July 18, 2006


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you lucky gal! what a great a ahpps. ;) i LOVE extra crunchy peanut butter. creamy is for losers!


We're we *just* talking about care packages yesterday?!
(I just knew you'd get peanut butter! It's an acquired taste definitely not acquired by the french).


Mmmmmmmm, Jif. :)

That care package looks like fun times to me!!! Yay for Ahpps!!!


i just realized that vox doesn't let non-voxers comment! POOP! that totally sucks. i thought it was going to be a melding of LJ's community with typepad's comment system and cool interface. but NO! thwarted! yeah it sucks that only voxers can comment because not many people are on vox right now.

i also keep misspelling vox as cox and box. damn keyboard.


lucky girl, good care package! I always wanted peanut butter when I lived in France, too.


What a great care package. My only criticism is the KC Masterpiece (c'mon Gates is the shiznit). :)

Your dad is very funny too.

Glad to see the kitty is represented!

When is your next lucky jeans and flip flop buying spree? :)


Seriously. When will you all learn? I have three letters for you. I can't type them, but you know what they are. Also: your dad rocks.


That is so incredibly sweet...literally even, don't forget to brush your teeth ;)


Oh, that's so thoughtful...I always wish someone would send me a surprise care package "just because". And yum! tootsie rolls - the vanilla ones they sold at Halloween were always my favorite.

In the three years I've been here, I've never gotten one - now would be the time too, cuz we're almost out of PB (I'm more of a natural PB kinda gal).

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