He's done it again...
Friday evening chez nous

While the cat's away the mice play...

Or in this case the other way around. While I was sleeping Leo goes to town on my latest knitting project.

Leo is our cat.  I should have known better than to leave my shawl on the arm rest of the couch. It was late. I was tired and could only think about getting to bed.  I left the livingroom door open. A clear invite to my nite kitty to come in a play.  And he sure did play.  I awoke a couple mornings ago to a pile of what was once my Little Arrowhead Shawl.  Leo was long gone before I knew what had happened. I wish I could have caught his little paws in the action. He did a fairly good job of unravelling the shawl, I was able to salvage the skein and half very easily.

How do cats do it?

I can tell he's been feeling quite guilty.  He's been following me around the apt for two days now.  Even to the bathroom.  The photo above is pretty much all he does all day. He lays with his back to me and when I stand up he runs and then santers his way back to me.  I talk with my husband about this we think he was revenging himself for a cople days ago when I had forgotten to feed him.  Leo is moody like his mamma. I guess I can't fault him for that. One thing is for sure, I'll be putting my knitting away every night. Don't want him to be getting any other catty ideas.

So, I contemplated starting the shawl again but I decided against it, It was to have been worn to a wedding  coming very soon and now I won't have time to finish it. So, I've decided on a silk scarf. Something to throw on when I feel a bit chilly or need a bit of color around the neck.

Little Arrowhead v2.0 Little Arrowhead v2.0

I actually like the lace pattern better here than in the shawl. It's knit on smaller needles and it seems to work better for me. I"m thinking long and skinny to be wrapped around the neck a couple times. Perfect for this fall.