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July 31, 2006


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I like the new one better if that's any help..which it probably isn't..
You can smack some sense into a dog (just a small smack)..but a cat? Forget about it! Get a padlock or somesuch thing :)


Bad kitty!!! :P

I have to be VERY aware of where all yarn in my apt. is at all times, or else my Sylvie will completely destroy it. I learned my lesson too after she got hold of some skeins. Wah.

Well, at least the new scarf looks like it's coming along quite nicely. What yarn is that? And what pattern are you using?It's beautiful!!!


I love that color! I definitely need to build my yarn stash.


I'm so sorry about your shawl! I know how that is though, I have to keep all of my knitting under lock and key so our cats don't get into it! I can't even leave anything out even if I'm just getting up for a minute. The second I turn my back they are onto it! snipping the yarn into little pieces! But I still love the little brats!


I learned the hard way to not leave my knitting within the reach of cats a few months ago. I came in one day to discover B&N steadily unraveling my work. I should have known better, the way they intently watch as I knit.

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