We have some serious planning to do...
And just like that..

Ikea, donuts and our pants not fitting anymore

On our way to Ikea this morning I stopped on the street and showed my husband my new way of buttoning my pants.

Trying to stay in my pants as long as I can...

He laughed and then pulled up his shirt and said, "Moi, aussi".  I think he's put on a few sympathy pounds.  Though his sympathy is all for him because I haven't gain a pound in my first trimester and have the doctor's scale to back me up. yay!  I know it'll all come back to me in the later months.  And going to Ikea won't help because one thing I always look forward to are their donuts.  Their sugar cake donuts. Yeah, they are starchy and sweet but man, do they taste good. 

The evil donut

We picked up a coffee table and tried to pick out an armoire but ended up with just the table and a few little things. I'm sure all the Ikeas around the world are the same as they have the expos of the faux rooms upstairs and all the little trinkets like candles, curtains, rugs, picture frames and plants downstairs on your way out.  Smart Ikea people know that people like us will always need an extra candle or something?  We ended up with a new shower curtain, a plant (Julien killed the plant that I was given two years ago for my bday, sorry Kim!), a few pillow cases and a candle. Not a very productive trip to Ikea but we did figure out that we need to reduce our respective wardrobes before we invest in an armoire.  Anyone have any advice for a pack rat who won't let go? Ahem, and that would not be me. :)

As for remodeling the apt, we've re-thought things and are working through our new idea. We don't want to change the status of our apt from being an F3 to an F2. So, we'll more than likely keep the wall. Re-do the bathroom and de-clutter as much as humanly possible.  Thanks for all your advice and ideas... I think we'll end up an apt we can live in for the next few years.

Uh, oh...I hear my husband banging away on something better go check on him... :)