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September 23, 2006


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When you find the pack rat solution, let me know! The only thing I've done is throw stuff away when he's not here (like the telephones from the 1980s) and then when he says "have you seen this or this" I shrug and say 'oh, it must have gotten lost in the move'. But, after so many of those, because you can only lose so much in the move, he caught on!


Great pants solution! You could also take your pants to a tailor and they'll insert triangular inserts in the side seams. My step-mother did that on her favorite pants (with elastic inserts), and had them taken out after her pregnancy. Now that's real dedication to your pants!


That is serious dedication to her pants and not a bad idea at all! :)

The Bold Soul

I've got a similar dilemma - prepping to move to Paris is forcing me to consider carefully how badly I need to have certain things with me; say, the complete Harry Potter book collection. In hardcover. Very heavy to ship. One thing that will help me decide about clothing though: I've lost nearly 20 lbs and I have even more to lose, so most of my current wardrobe will be obsolete before I set foot on French soil, giving me the chance to travel light -- and shop my ass off once I get there!


Haha, I love the idea of sympathy pounds.


Congrats on the baby!

How come my IKEA in Northern Virginia doesn't carry those donuts? Do French ones carry our sweet rolls?


ah, the pony tail holder. who knew it had so many uses?

I've also never seen doughnuts at Ikea, but I do like their salmon. (oddly enough.) and yep, ours is the same layout, where you have to walk past all the trinkets on your way out. One last opportunity to say, "Wait! I really *do* need a new trash can!"


Isa- No sweet rolls... but those sound good to me right now!


seriously love the pony tail holder. great idea. wish i thought of it then. i had to break down and buy maternity clothes. my first trimester wasn't at all like yours, i stacked on 10 pounds!!!!! yikes!

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