5 years ago today
We have some serious planning to do...

New morning ritual

It rained hard last night. And I slept like a baby.  Maybe that's why I slept so well while growing up in Kansas, it rains all the time there. Anyway, I'm having a hard time waking myself up right now. The grogginess extends through out my body's limbs and is telling me "get back in bed, silly..." But no, I'm sipping my morning tea and getting ready to head to Monoprix, kind of like a mini version of Target, to get a pair of cotton yoga pants and then I'm off to my first prenatal yoga class.  Since becoming pregnant my body joints have become incredibly flexible. I've almost found the same felixbility I had when I was at the height of my Tae Kwon Do training which is pretty darn cool. I'd like to try to keep it if possible.

So, off I go... class starts in an hour!

PS. Thank you to everyone for their sweet, sweet comments! I had no idea I had so many readers out there. Thanks for sharing in this adventure with Julien and I. :)

****EDIT****  10:15am and I'm home again.  Well, I got to Monoprix, stood in line, the vendeuse rang up my snazzy cotton pants and I went for my wallet and it wasn't there! I'd left it on the livingroom table last night while booking our airline tickets for our flight to the US  in November.  No money to pay. And no metro pass.  And that means no class this morning! I'm bummed. Next week, for sure!  I don't know why but I've become so forgetful lately.  Is this a symptom of pregnancy? I never forget things as important as my wallet and metro pass.  Has anyone else experienced this?


I've recieved some emails about the yoga class I'm taking. Here's the information:

Yoga Marais   http://www.yogamarais.com/

72 rue Vertbois

Prenatal yoga is on Friday mornings from 10am-11:30am