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September 15, 2006


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I hope you like it! I really liked the intimacy of this class and I always felt great afterwards. Let me know what you think! xoxo


What a bummer, but I can relate to the porridge brain symptoms. You are NOT alone. :)
I'm trying Qi Gong with my baby belly and it is such a lovely experience.


Yes, forgetfulness is very much a part of pregnancy. I used to have to write down what I wanted to tell someone, because I would forget in the 5 seconds it took to dial their number. I have always said, "Babies need their mommies brain cells" so we lose about half of them when we are pregnant.


I can't remember if I was forgetful (heh heh) during my pregnancies, but I did become a total butterfingers.


After over a year of lurking and enjoying your blog (as a Paris-ophile), I'll de-lurk to say congrats on your pregnancy and to add that one of my favourite guides through pregnancies and motherhood, The Mother's Almanac, dubbed the state you're complaining about Maternal Amnesia. While I found the state itself frustrating, I loved having a term for it -- seemed to excuse, maybe even validate, the condition.

The Bold Soul

Yes, the forgetfulness IS a symptom of pregnancy. My mother, a retired nurse, calls it "turning inward" where the pregnant woman's energy is increasingly focused inward toward her body and her growing baby. It makes one forgetful, distracted, and apt to drop things a lot. Don't worry, it'll pass.


Ha ha! Yes, you'll have to accept "baby brain."

amber @ a SAHM's musings

I too suffered from the forgetfulness you are experiencing. I always called it "mommy amnesia". Just to let you know that it never went away for me. I'm forgetful as ever. As a matter of fact I got a postcard from Hawaii in the mail today and didn't even remember my friend telling me she was going[and she did]. Yikes!


YEP! Baby brain. Unfortunately, it doesn't stop with the pregnancy...! The sleep deprivation from having a newborn will kick in too and then of course once your child (Stephanie is a great name by the way! :)) is older your mind will be cluttered with soooo many things ie: work, groceries, swim lessons, soccer games, daycare, oh my god did I leave the stove on??!! :) Best wishes!


Just wanted to say congrats on your pregnancy-how wonderful! Yes, forgetting was a problem for me during pregnancy (I don't think it has gotten any better either), but it is all worth it. Have fun, and make good use of your quiet time as that will be in short supply soon:)

Doh! that sucks!


Wow, what excellent news! Congratulations from me too!


I'm just catching up and read about your wonderful news. Congratulations!


Oh girl, it is SO a symptom of pregnancy to be forgetful and clumsy! And I have to say, it never really goes away. ;)

Congratulations, I couldn't be happier to hear your news.


i'm also pregnant; just a couple of months ahead of you. i've been looking for prenatal yoga; where are you taking the classes?


I'm taking yoga at the Centre de Yoga Marais.


The instructor, Michelle, is very good and the class is small which I really enjoy. The classes are every friday from 10am-11:30am. Maybe I'll run into you at a class sometime.


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