Back to normal
5 years ago today

1 am Revelations

- Insomnia is my new unwelcome friend.
- I haven't had a glass of milk in two months.
- I've been averaging a new bra size every 4 weeks.
- Sleeping on  my stomach has become an impossible task.
- Low rise jeans are my new favorite pants.
- Cat naps is my new favorite activity..
- My husband and I feel like we've been on cloud 9 for the past two months .
- The Paris metro system really smells bad.
- The bus system is pretty darn good, though.
- I've found a new section at  H&M that I love.
- My most frequent meal lately has been baked potatoes, with a little butter and cracked pepper.
- I miss coffee.
- Never thought nausea could be so fun. (sarcasm)
- A new outlook on life has given my soul a breath of fresh air.

Though some of  these revelations are uncomfortable, the outcome out weights the bad and all these recent evénements are all very welcome  in my life right now.  If you haven't figured it out yet, we're having a baby! And we are so pleased. It's 1 am and the sleeplessness has crept in. I'm off to think happy thoughts and hope that sleep finds me tonight.


The beginning of a new silhouette....

The beginning of a new silhouette