Market Sunday
La mode bébé

14 weeks

Bébé Zen

A friend of mine told me about this little zen ball that you wear around your neck near the baby while it's still in the womb. It's supposed to sooth and remind the baby when it's born of sounds it heard while living inside of my belly.  From what I understand the baby can start to hear sounds from the 4th month on.

My belly looks huge here, it's really not this big, yet. I can definitely still see my feet.  It's become more obvious that I am pregnant. Also now that I'm officially in my second trimester I'm starting to feel better.  The nausea has pretty much gone away though I am still sensitive to certain smells.  My energy is back as well.   And my appetite has returned which is good because I wasn't able to keep down much my first trimester. No crazy cravings yet. 

My face has changed a little. My freckles are coming out which is strange because usually at this time of the year my skin is very pale.  It's like I've been to the beach for  the day and the sun has kissed all my freckles.  Julien loves it. And besides my skin changing my hair has started to really grow and I think this will be my chance to let it finally grow long.  We'll see how long it lasts, though the thought of having long hair when I turn 30 sounds good to me. :)

Self portrait at 3 months and one week.

And I officially can't sleep on my stomach anymore which is the only way I sleep. I have 4 pillows that I sleep with (plus my husband!) to help with sleeping on my side. My hips are starting to ache and I'm having some joint pains. I hope that my yoga classes will help to calm that. Has anyone else experience sharp pains in their shoulder joints? A couple nights ago it was so bad I couldn't sleep at all.

And something to look forward to is the TBM(Trés Bon Marché) at Bon Marché will be starting next week on the 11th. And from what my friends and I have experienced the last couple years is this is the time to buy yarn at our beloved BM mercerie! I've just finished my first official knitted baby garment (photos to come, I promise) and am feeling motivated to start another baby project soon. 

Good night for now... :)