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October 24, 2006


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Tout le plaisir etait pour moi!
Oh, that sweater is darling...

frog with a blog

Yaaaay! I used to make a fab banana bread but lost the recipe. Will certainly try this one.
BTW, thanks for visiting my blog yesterday and I'm glad you liked that little movie I made. There will be more soon.


Definitely get the knitting and baking, but I want to know how knitters manage to find time to read. I find I usually have to sacrifice one or the other.

laura b

I just got that Phildar magazine myself! Can't wait to see how the sweater comes out!


the sweater will be adorable, and the bread looks great. I love your loaf pan, btw. I've got one big one and three tiny ones. I wish the tiny ones were all connected like yours are!

The Bold Soul

You are in serious "nesting" mode, sweetie. You'll be a natural as a mommy!


I love your sweaters -- the new one is super cute. I find the French patterns completely intimidating, but on the other hand I can't even read ones in English. I'm pretty impressed with your ability to knock a beautiful sweater out in 2 days. I'll be lucky to have finished my sample swatch in 2 days.

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