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Cravings is what every woman goes through while pregnant. I've heard the stories of women wanting to eat the cliché cravings of things like pickles and ice cream.  My dad said my mom really loved eating steak and kimchee while pregnant, not together, I think?  Well, a craving hit me tonight. I really wanted to eat potatoes, chicken and carrots. Smashed together. So, for dinner that's just what I had. My husband looked at me sideways as I made dinner. I was madly dashing around the kitchen trying to make everything so that the growl in my stomach would soon be put to sleep. I don't know what it is but I crave healthy food and milk these days.  My gourmandise taste buds have disappeared (probably for the better). I don't like chocolate anymore. Not in the mood for cookies or pastries.  But I think my husband has sympathy cravings and his are all things gourmand.   So, to appease his cravings I made him a crumble aux fruits rouges (that's pronounced crum-bull).  My husband literally becomes a crazy person when raspberries are put in front of his face.  I think most of my friends here in Paris have witnessed this. And imagine his delight when he found out that a raspberry liquor existed. Chambord. Yes, like the chateau and us Americans know this liquor well as it's only exclusively exported for the foreign market but made it France near the Chateau de Chambord in the Loire Valley.  Ask any French person and they will say, "Le Chateau?"  OK, enough Chamord... more crumble:

Crumble fruits rouges (pre-four)

Crumble fruits rouges (Post-four)

You can use any fruit you like. The next one I make will be a chocolate banana crumble. One of my students tells me that it's "trop bon" and that I have to try it. Here's the recipe for the pate a crumble:

- 100g de farine
- 100g de sucre
- 75g de poudre d'amandes
- 100g de beurre froid
- 6 pincées de cannelle en poudre
- 3 pincées de sel

Prechauffe four a 210 degrees Celsius

Laisser cuire 25 a 30 minutes