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October 16, 2006


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flour, sugar, ground almonds,cold butter salt... but what is cannelle en poudre? Cinnamon? Looks delicious!


Yes! Cannelle is cinnamon! :)


mmm. it was always fruit for me. i loved pineapples and cherries and blueberries! and ice cream. hehe. then again, i still like ice cream! no pineapples after i had the kids, tho.


I l.o.v.e. crumbles, crisps, and cobblers. But, chocolate banana!!?? C'est magnifique! I've never heard of such a thing.


My pregnancy craving was the frozen potage from Picard- the no salt, no added fat bio-veggie soups. I honestly had to force myself to stop after 2 bowls because I just couldn't get enough of the stuff. Then, the craving stopped and I didn't buy any for ages. Post-pregnancy, I wanted to get my diet underway and I thought, "Hey, I should stock up on the soup, its healthy and low-cal." I bought a ton, made up a bowl, and nearly spit it in the sink. Its not that it is awful. Its just so... bland. It made me realize how much those pregnancy hormones just take over your brain. Just take advantage of the 'get out of jail free card' and blame all questionable behavior on the hormones. Its a golden opportunity ;-)


Yum, those crumbles look fantastic. Red berries, chocolate and banana, whatever, I must try this tonight. :) Can you buy poudre d'amandes in Paris or do you make it yourself?


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