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October 29, 2006


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Congratulations to both of you!!
I'm so happy for you :)
We have to wait until march to know if it's a girl or a boy for us ;)


Félicitations! And what a beautiful sweater! I love the color combination! I think Phildar is sometimes too seam-, snap- and zipper-happy.

If you'll be in KS on your trip, stop by Knit Lawrence and say hi! or email me if you"ll be in lawrence!!! -Elinor

laura b

Congratulations on the news! A baby boy - how sweet! This is when it all starts to get really exciting, don't you think?

Oh! And the sweater is heart-melting as well!


Woohoo! Monkey1 gave us the best zizi shot--legs spread wide with a turtle sitting right there!!--no doubts--and boy i was never so sick in my life! i lost 13 kilos in the first trimester. Ugh. Of course, Monkey3 is making me rather not well either... re-ugh. SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!


Yay!!! Congratulations to you both.


Awwww un petit garçon! Congrats to you and the hubby! Now you can focus on color themes and boy's names. Good luck my dear girl! ;o)


I don't know what is in the water but everyone seems to be having baby boys! I'm also expecting a baby boy, this January. Email me for acess to my blog (private due to a stalker)! Congrats on the boy!!!

The Bold Soul

Woo-hoo! What wonderful news! (Of course it would have been equally wonderful if it were a girl but bet it's exciting just to KNOW!)


How exciting! A little boy! Also, I love the sweater you did. I had B come in and look at the photos, he was very impressed, and wondered if I would ever be able to make something that nice. He didn't sound very hopeful- obviously, my scarf has raised serious doubts in his mind about my manual dexterity.


Congratulations on the wonderful news! I hope everything else is okay too with you and the baby. And lets both look for cute baby boy knits. :)


Bravo! Now you can stock up on blue yarn! Especially since you've figured out Phildar patterns. Good job!


Any baby is good, but I love my boy! I thought for sure I was going to have a girl too and when the tech said there is the penis I said something like why does my girl have a penis??!! lol
Boys are great! Congrats.
When is your due date? Maybe work on a Halloween / Autumn sweater for him and a xmas one for 2007!

Siow Chin

Beautiful ensemble! But now you'll have to knit a boyish scarf :)!


Congrats! The sweater is gorgeous-and you knit it so quickly!


Baby boys are the BEST!

From experience I can say check your needles, you won't be knitting on the plane. You could kill someone with one of those things!! Rats for you.

Congrats! Baby boys have the best grumpy old man faces!

Jenn Sellers

Oh, I LOVE reading about your life, and the new life you are brewing in your belly!!!!!


the baby boy thing seems to be in the air, indeed. the sweater looks wonderful and i love the color. i have needles and yarn being shipped over; maybe i'll finally get my scarf going - it's currently a loin cloth.


FYI: Knitting needles are not a problem for most airlines. It's the liquids they worry about (sadly enough). Bring them and bring a pre-posted envelope in case you want to just mail them back to yourself at home.

Oooh..... so it's a boy! Exciting! I know everyone thought it was a girl, but funny how these things turn out. I think an older brother (assuming you have another) would be a good thing to have. Someone to do some protecting of younger siblings. Of course, being an only child, I'm not much for opinions on the whole sibling thing.

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