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October 31, 2006


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» Grey anatomy et le tricot from Névrosée soignée au shopping et au tricot
Jétais en train de suivre la saison 2 de Grey Anatomy (pour celles qui ne connaissent pas, cest une série qui parlent de jeunes internes en medecine avec tout un mélo et plein dhistoires damour, cest très bien fic... [Read More]


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How funny! I'm only on the first season of Grey's Anatomy, but I can see that there's a lot of drama in store. McDreamy reminds me of my hubs, too. :)


I was sitting next to a Dr. the other night at my knitting group and she said that knitting actually helped her make better surgical knots. Congratulations on the boy!


Moi aussi, j'adore cette série, d'ailleurs, j'ai fait un post sur le tricot et Grey sur mon blog. Malheureusement, on ne parle plus tricot après cet épisode, dommage!


Michele is right, unfortunately, there is only one episode where knitting makes an appearance. And only then, it's to show how neurotic the knitter is. *sigh*
Looks like you're having fun on your vacation!


Opera Gloves? How cool!

miss ewe

Knitting to replace men??? Yes, sadly. For now.


Both your knitting creations and your recipies look magnifique!! I've never knitted? knit? but I need a new hobby while I wait for my carte de sejour, so...


I love those opera gloves....another great use for all of our sock yarn....I just might start on a pair for myself hmmm. (If I ever get the time!)

Hope your flight went ok! Miss you already!

Account Deleted

Ha, I may have to start watching this show now.

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