Fille ou garçon?
Home sweet home?

Knit TV

Hubby is out enjoying his first night of vacation. I'm happy to stay in and knit and put my feet up. Smokey bars don't sound too appealing to me right now.  I've started a pair of Opera Gloves and they are coming out very nicely. Maybe I'll have them done before we leave this Friday, on verra... Excuse the crappiness of this photo. Camera phone + Internet = easy!

Opera gloves

My knitting TV of choice tonight is Grey's Anatomy, yet again!! I like Sandra Oh and Patrick Dempsey's characters. He reminds me of my husband. I have my very own McDreamy. :) And it looks like Meredith has taken up knitting to replace men.  Does that really work? ;)

McDreamy and Meredith as she knits in a bar

McDreamy: As a friend, I gotta tell you that you look a little weird...

I'm knitting a sweater...

Bartender:  You're knitting in a bar, you can't knit in a bar, you're scaring the customers.

Meredith:  I'm knitting for surgical dexterity

All I have to say it makes for good knitting TV. :)