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October 08, 2006


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Louise is going to look so cute in her dress! I can't wait for her to wear it. Thank you again!


I just got the book Paintbox Kids with a lot of cute patterns. If you come to Kansas there is a great yarn shop in downtown Overland Park--called The Yarn Shop.
So happy for you and your husband.

Account Deleted

Darling, darling sweater. Love the blue. It's funny, I'm just getting to work on my first sweater and I figured a baby size is the safest. Hopefully, it'll fit!


I'm a heathen. I knit à la Phildar! :-)


Definitely some cute pieces. I need to get my knit bug back!


so cute! If only I knew how to knit, I'd be making awesome sweaters for my baby too!


Those are so cute!!!!!


The baby sweater is so cute! Love the buttons too. Re: baby knits- I enjoyed knitting Trellis from knitty.


I was surprised at all the Debbie Bliss and Rowan yarns available in Amsterdam! I mean, a whole WALL of them! A lot of stores here carry a good amount of DB and Rowan also, but not in the percentage De Afstap does (something like 80%). Makes me think they are the only yarns available at that store, and maybe so.

I'm afraid my yarn recommendations are, well, boring. If you're into socks, you should try Socks that Rock or Cherry Tree Hill. Hmm... I haven't bought yarn in a long ass time since I started using up my stash.

le Meg

Bravo - that sweater is really beautiful.

Greetings and congratulations on your great blog from a fellow Kansan in Paris.


cuuuuuuute. I finally finished Tadpole's first sweater. You're way better than I am, getting stuff done ahead of time.

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