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Fille ou garçon?


Tonight we have a doctor's appointment to make sure all is well before our trip the US. We'll be gone for a month and my doctor wanted to see us before we left.  I have to say I love my doctor. This is the first time I've met a doctor in France that has wonderful bedside manner.   And who genuinely remembers who I am every time I come in. And perhaps during this routine check up we'll be able to find out the sex of our baby.  A friend mentioned when she went in for her visit to find out the sex of her baby, the doctor poked at her stomach to wake the baby up so she'd flip over. I think I'll be okay with that if our baby happens to be snoozin' away.  I promise this will be the only time I wake a sleeping baby. :)  I am really anxious to know!   A lot of people have mentioned they think I'm having a girl including my husband.   We'll soon see for ourselves!

And finally last night I think I felt the baby move though it could have been gas. I'm not sure what I'm really feeling for. I was laying down falling asleep when I felt a slight tap on my left side of my abdomen. So, maybe, baby?