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October 27, 2006


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Oh yeah, it starts with just a gentle tap, then becomes a thrilling poking, and very soon she'll be GALUMPHING all over your guts and you won't be able to eat a thing for months!

Enjoy the tapping while it lasts!


Are you going to tell us if you find out?
If feels like butterflies in your belly, for now at least.
Safe trip wishes to you.

laura b

Sounds like baby movement to me!


I thought those first movements felt like someone was popping popcorn in my belly. I never had the butterflies sensation.


Hopefully baby cooperates and you get to find out the sex.

Isn't the baby movement cool? I loved the beginning flutters....the ones near the end? Not so much (especially freaky when you are laying in the bath and can see your tummy moving back and forth! LOL)

Enjoy your trip to the US!

The Bold Soul

My sister also described it as 'flutters' in the very beginning before you get very clear pokes and rolls.

Have a safe trip stateside!



woah.... boy or girl... this could decide many future knitting projects as well. but tell me you won't dress your boy in all blue and your girl in all pinks. babies need more colour than blues and pinks! what about red or orange or yellow! or even black! god forbid. they don't even make baby yarn in black or any somewhat strong colours. i'm going to blind my psychadelic baby whenever we have one.

Account Deleted

I saw the sweetest pattern for a baby blanket with a little hood on one corner. How exciting!


Good luck with your ultrasound! It's true, sometimes they have to gently nudge the baby to wake them up, or make them move out of a position that may be preventing them from seeing the sex.

What you described sounded like it could have been the baby moving! Great feeling isn't it?! ;o)


Aw, baby girls! or boys! so cute!

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