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November 04, 2006


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Welcome back the US!! I'm in Nebraska, not so far away. I'm happy for you that you feel confident about the "grown-up" thing. I am still in the "waiting for something to come along/uncertainty" phase, so it's nice to hear someone express that they did feel that way, and that the "something" did come along. I tend to forget that things can change drastically in the blink of an eye. Thanks for your post; it gave me a little better perspective.


I feel like I've been watching you grow the past few years (has it really been years?) that I've known you online. All in a good way. It makes me wish I knew you in person. I feel like we could really get along and be good friends. Now if only you'd move to Boston or I could move to Paris.

I have many homes these days. I most likely think of Boston as my home and then NJ as my parents' home and then of course the Philippines as the root of my life since I was born there. I haven't actually spent much time in the PHilippines, but I always think fondly of it as "home."

Jus de chausette!!!!!!! OMG... I almost fell down laughing when I read the meaning on wiktionnaire!!


Oh have a lovely time with the fam.


Hope you have a great time in the US. Enjoy your sock juice! ;o)


Glad you made it back safe :) Give me a call and maybe we can try to get together. I can always drive out to see you!


Enjoy your visit. I really must read more often. Congrats on the pregnancy!

laura b

That change from considering your "family" meaning you, siblings, and parents to "family" meaning you, your husband, and your own children is too weird, isn't it?


I've been reading and enjoying your blog for a while and thought it was a good moment to leave a message...

Home can be so many places really. Norway for me now means where my parents are. England was party filled home for 3 years during my studies. Then we (me + italian boyfriend) had a year in France before moving to Italy for 2 years and now we just returned to the south of france
(doing the grown-up things like looking for a house to buy while organising our wedding next year. And it all feels a little scary...)

In the end however, home is for me where my lovely family, friends, and belongings are, which means scattered a bit here and there =)

Enjoy your stay at "home", because no matter where it is the feeling of "home" is nothing but good!


Jenn Sellers

welcome back! i hope you have a wonderful visit with your family!



What a great feeling that must be...of finally getting it, being there. Hope you have an awesome visit.


I read your blog every now and then and I want to say thank you. When I read your blog I feel less alone in this "grown up" world. Thanks.

philippines homes

WOW! I feel like I'm out of our country. Paris is one of my dream country to have a vacation.

Deirdre G

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