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November 16, 2006


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The Bold Soul

Your love for your mother always moves me to tears. What a gift.


Some people believe that we attract the spirits of our beloved dead ones more closely while pregnant in order for the old soul to welcome the new. I find the thought reassuring. Take care of yourself and your baby belly!

laura b

My husband lost his mother before the birth of our little one too. It was definitely bittersweet to be pregnant with her grandchild, knowing she wasn't around anymore.

Take care of yourself and your little one on the way!


I didn't realize your mother had passed. I am so sorry.

This blog entry made my eyes well up with tears. Very touching.


that is so sweet and i will pass along to my friend Margie who lost her mom 2 weeks ago to colon cancer. she is not yet married (boyfriend of 4 yrs hasn't proposed yet!!). the week before her mom passed, her mom hired someone to have 2 christening gowns made. one for margie and one for her sister emma. hopefully, margie will feel the comfort of a baby in the same way you do. knowing that life goes on and that as one life fades another grows.


Your mother will always be with you, even when it feels like she isn't.

This is a lovely post, Aimee.


Just discovered your blog - beautiful thoughts about your mom, mine is still alive but in many ways gone from me as well ... I just got back from Paris (with my one year old), what a lovely city, I hope to go back in the future. Congratulations on your bun in the oven, enjoy it, let everyone spoil you, sleep in as much as you can. Hey, I went to UW-Madison for undergrad, I know all those restaurant well :-) . But it's cold in those there parts right now. Brrrr!


Oh, how I remember that moment. It is so hard, but I am so happy that you have this new life growing with you. Your mom is with you, and she always will be. Stay strong, Mama.


Even though it has been 17 years since I lost my mother, I teared up reading your post.
I understand what you were feeling and yes, they will always be with us.


Sniff. That was beautiful.



i can understand your feeling cos i lost my aunt last July! was a murder case..till now i still can feel the pain!
anyway, just browse thru the net and drop by to say hi!
stay strong my gal :)


Stay strong and take care girl!*hugs*

Mlle Smith

This was a very beautiful and touching post. And your hubby is so supportive, that's just wonderful. Thank you for sharing this.

Jeanine Noguera

Hi Aimee! It's so fun and inspiring to see your blog and read your ideas and memories of your mom. I'm sitting here in a warm kitchen, with the freezing temperature outside.
Congratulations on your marriage. I'm so happy for you and your baby. I hope I will get to hug and hold her/him when you visit Olathe. I'm praying for your health and hapiness. How is your Dad? Hope to hear from you. Jeanine Noguera (Ben and Erika's mom)


Hi Flare, I haven't read your blog for about a year, as I have been out of the loop having a baby. (I always read at work, naughty naughty, and I haven't been there of course).
Am sorry to hear of your mum passing, but so thrilled to hear about the baby!
Many congratulations! Our daughter has changed our life irrevocably, but she is incredible, and soooo much fun too. Enjoy!

Maryam in Marrakesh

so sorry for your loss.


Everyone misses your mom, she was an awesome lady, a wonderful cook, and a kick-ass mom. I still wonder how she kept the whole soccer team in line!

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