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December 12, 2006


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Interesting reading how you are coming along w. the lil one - I remember that many (15 now!)yrs ago. Hang in there - there will that spurt (I'm sure you've heard by now) of endless energy nr. the due date. I painted a room in that state. Maybe I wrote before w. this suggestion but some kind of recorder might be fun to record how the lil one sounds, starts to talk later, etc. We didn't do that enough but what we did do is fun to listen to! Take care :)


ah. welcome to sleeplessness and discomfort. i've barely slept in the last 4 months....


we, also, were lovers of sleep prior to the little one arriving 7 weeks ago. and i, too, hoped she would sleep through the night tout suite. the cool thing is that she does, and yet, i find i am still tired. and irritable at times when the husband gets to sleep in as before and i have to get up. but that's the life of a mother and there is nothing like it in the world! and i know what you mean about wondering how they fit in there. my little one was 21.5 inches long. amazing little creatures.


Get one of those long body pillows, my huband calls its my boyfriend... before we go to sleep he says night honey, night baby and night bf. I swear it makes a big difference in getting in a good position to sleep. And drink a cup of hot milk with a little cinnamon or fleur d'oranger before you go to sleep... night night!


I'm with you (week 24). I've always been a light sleeper and often have trouble sleeping so between the strange dreams (doctor-related, usually) and the discomfort I'm awake a lot, too.

Oh, and I thought the picture of your Omma and you in your hanbok was really cute.

Mary Anne

I haven't slept thru the night since.....well, I think maybe sometime in 2000...around Oct when we were anxious for Jack to come home...but yes, the stupid dreams are awful and I haven't been sleeping well either...so Sarah and I have been cuddling, since she hasn't been sleeping well either since she has the Christmas Crazies!


I remember my mom having crazy, scary dreams when she was pregnant with my brother--but they went away when he was born and all was well. But it was stressful--my family loves their sleep too. Maybe meditate on really soothing things when you're going to bed? Sometimes that helps with the dreams. :)


this may seem like a strange reaction to this post, but you make me want to be pregnant! i'm looking forward to the posts about junior.

good luck with getting your sleeping back on track.


I know that during pregnancy dreams can really start to get rather intense. Try and do something relaxing before going to bed (read a nice book, watch a funny program). Hopefully, that will help!

I have been having a lot of trouble sleeping too. One thing you might want to get is le coussin d'allaitement. They are pregnancy pillows that moms can use while they are pregnant, but can also be used after birth to comfortably nurse a baby. I have one made by BabyMoov. They sell them in any of the baby stores, as well as places like Auchan and Carrefour. Might help you get more comfortable!

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