"C'est du prélavage!"

C'est du blah blah...

I've been having strange dreams lately. I always have had strange dreams growing up. But my dreams as of late have been very morbid. Often scaring me awake and then I'm unable to get to sleep again.  Either I'm dying or someone close to me. Things I need to work through, I'm sure.    Once I wake up in the middle of the night, it seems the baby wants to wake up too and we're up late together. It's rather comforting actually.  I'm also starting to find it hard to find a good position to sleep. My belly is really starting to get big and makes it awkward to lay down for long periods of time. This coming from someone who's been known to sleep for 15 hours a night on a weekend. It's a family pastime. Christmas morning is usually Christmas late afternoon for us.  Luckily, I married a man who likes to sleep as much as I do. How this will change when the baby is born!?  Though, we can hope that he sleeps through the night early... on verra! :)

Ho, hum... Just checking emails now, I received my 24 weeks baby bulletin from Baby Center. My baby is 12 inches long.  How in the heck is he folded up in there?  I wonder if his arms and legs go to sleep if he doesn't change positions often. Mine sure do. Cutest thing now is he wakes up every morning when Julien puts his hand on my belly. He knows the difference between mummy's and daddy's hands, I think.

We bought an armoire today.  A huge one. It's 2 meter 50 across and about 2 meters something tall.  HUGE. Julien wants to put it together himself. I'm really hoping I can talk him into letting someone come and do it.  It seems like a huge project to do alone. I won't be much help.  We'll see. The armoire arrives on Thursday!  Armoire is scheduled to be delivered Monday and they will assemble it for us! Whew!  Now we just have to work out the logistics of moving our room, the baby's room and the livingroom around to make everything fit. We are  finally going to have closet space in this closet-less apt we live in!

Oh, and thank goodness for friends who can't sleep either...

And finally, Julien and I have been fantasizing lately about what our baby will look like.   I've started a personal photography project that I'm calling Vintage Photography Project. Originale, non? ;) I'm collecting our baby photos and will make a photo montage for the baby's room.

Okay, I started this entry it was 2:39am and now it's 3:33am.  Time to try to sleep...