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December 21, 2006


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You are such a pretty pregnant lady! :)

I knit a mini-clapotis this weekend and am so happy with it. For some reason, this pattern completely baffled me before, but now I finally see the light and am clapotis-enabled. I didn't let mine curl, though, because it was scarf-width--I blocked the hell out of it. I like the yarn you used!


I love all the "documenting" you are doing of your pregnancy. it is really special and it will be something you will love to have later on I am sure.

do I see a wee bit of yarn trailing off there at the bottom?


Clapotis looks great. What yarn did you use??


LOL your belly button looks like it's smiling at us. The Clap looks lovely too. :)


The yarn is so purty and so is your squinty that is about to become an "outie"!!


LOL - Totally cute pic!

Enjoy the holidays! ;o)


Can't wait til you teach me to knit!

My belly button looks more like a tiny little 'o'...a little surprised mouth.


From all the knitting posts in your blog, I've decided to do it! I mean, to start knitting too. Wish me luck!
Have a very Merry Christmas, Aimee. Seems like 2006 was a year of losses and gains for you, which you handled with admirable strength... and I'm sure that 2007 will be a gift basket of beginnings, changes, and Hope.


That's a beautiful clapotis! And an almost invisible belly button. :) Both look fabulous--I hope you're all having a wonderful holiday.


awwww. what a cute belly. I'm so excited for you. kisses.

Mary HAINAngel2000

So adorable. Your precious sweet baby is so beautiful! I love how you have posted your pregnancy here and I am def adding your blog link to our blog!!!

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