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December 13, 2006


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What beautiful shots! Did you take them yourself?


This is the most beautiful picture I've seen in a long time. What a cool memory. And it's evidence to use when little boy Flare yells "Daddy doesn't love me!" Proof. Does too.

Congratulations. :)




So sweet! What a good daddy!


Really detailed pic. Very nice!

Oh man, I can't wait till you have that baby. You are going to be a picture taking maniac! ;o)


That is SO sweet.


I just posted a comment on FLickr, still wiping the tears out of my eyes. I love love love this shot!


What a beautiful photo! Congrats to you and Mr. Flare! What a great journey ahead! I'm so jealous, you're in France. I mean, I took french for 7 years and can't even have a complete conversation. Bon chance!


That is such a great picture! One you will cherish forever :)


That should be matted and framed and proudly displayed in your home. Fabulous photo and you really can feel the love!


that photo is love distilled and made visible.
Beautiful. You'll look at that for the rest of your life and remember the tender, peaceful moments you and your husband shared before you met your son! enjoy and best wishes.


I had to chime in with everyone else: this is truly, truly a beautiful photo! How very lucky you are, and how very blessed. I hope you will be able to frame this for the future, too.

I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now, and I just wanted to say that I really enjoy it -- you're a breath of fresh air with your creativity and style! Thanks so much for inspiring me.

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