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My first encounter with a Sage Femme

Since returning to France my arms have been a bit swollen and my fingers look like as my sister says Vienna sausages. Thanks for that visual, Erin.  My engagement ring doesn't fit any more and I'm wearing another ring in it's place. Last weekend, I was awoken by sharp pains in both of my arms that radiated from my biceps to my finger tips.  My hands were asleep and it felt like knives were being stabbed into my arms.  I was scared, I though I was having an attack or some sort.  I somehow fell asleep and in the morning it seemed to be a little better but not 100%. 

I went to the clinic today to chat with the sage femme about my concerns. She was delightfully nice and took good care of me. She hooked me up to a couple machines to check my blood pressure and to listen to the baby's heartbeat. He wasn't going to have any of that and spent the entire time kicking the sensor on my stomach and flipping around in my belly.  Apparently the baby was just fine.  My blood pressure was a little high but nothing to be alarmed about.  The sage femme talked to me for a few minutes and reassured me that everything was fine. She explained to me how my blood pressure can be affected by certain things and that she seen pregnant women with fingers and ankles more swollen than what I was dealing with.

It's never easy to express yourself fully in a foreign language and I've always felt a little uneasy visiting the doctor in fear that he will not complete understand me.  But there's something to be said about the communication a smile or a regard can make.  The sage femme was gentile and spoke softly. And she listened.   She was sage, indeed.

Sage femme = midwife or quite literally, wise woman.