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December 01, 2006


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But what about the pains in your arms? That isn't blood pressure related is it?

I just want you to get the best care.


Sages femmes are the best! Sometimes it's so stressful to see a doctor, but the nurses/midwives are always very calm and put you at ease, don't they?
I hope you don't swell too much, and that the pain in your arm is resolved. And make sure they keep an eye on that swelling!


Oh yeh, the tingles, I get that too and in my legs at night. But the swelling, make sure that the OB-gyn takes a look at that as well.

Sage-femmes are so nice and wise. We are so lucky to have them!


I'm on baby #3, and while I love my doctor (she's great) my sage-femme is like family to us.
I had the tingly hands and arms with baby #1 and it turned out to be little more than him pushing on a nerve--he eventually grew into another spot and I felt fine. Still, something to keep an eye on.

Account Deleted

Wow, I'd be so scared. But it also sounds like you had the best follow-up experience. The word 'sage femme' makes me smile somehow, especially now that I know the meaning. Learn something everyday.


drink lots of water to prevent swelling, etc etc. you've probably heard the same things that i've been told...i hope your arm is feeling better... equally importantly, sounds like the baby is fine :)

The Bold Soul

Oh, my sister had the swelling thing with her second pregnancy, big time. It's called edema, it's very common, and here's a website (an AMERICAN one) where you can read up on it, if you haven't already. http://www.americanpregnancy.org/pregnancyhealth/pregnancyswelling.html


I did not say that about your fingers!!!


After all the travelling, some of the pain might be from slightly pinched nerves- since your joints are loosening up, the bones can move around more and hence, tingly fingers. If it keeps up, I think it wouldn't be a waste of time to make an appointment with the osteopath.


Sounds like you really lucked out with your sage femme!

Sorry about the swelling though. Just make sure you stay hydrated and don't overexert yourself!

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