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December 17, 2006


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I am so glad she visited. You are a lucky lady. You're going to be such a neat mom.

The Bold Soul

Wow, I didn't realize -- our mothers have the SAME BIRTHDAY. I'm glad we got to visit with our mothers "long distance" in our different ways: you through your dream, me through a phone call. Hugs to you!


my friend's mom passed away beginning of nov. I went to Ottawa (5 hr drive from Toronto & is our nation's capital!)for the funeral. They buried her mother yesterday...so she called me very very upset and was wondering if you have any words of advice I can give her? She was close to her mom and really misses being able to talk to her - esp now since her current relationship with boy is not going well.


Your connection to the spiritual world around you is beautiful.


hi. =) i'm just a random passer-byer who found your link through ricebowljournals...today is my birthday too! my mom also passed away a few years ago and i often wonder what it will be like when i have kids without her around to help me out/give me advice. i think you are doing a great job (and great knitting!) and will make a great mom!


It's nice that you still have a connection to your mother.

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